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One of the leading names when it comes to laptops is Fujitsu. The Japanese brand is known for its string of affordable laptops and notebooks which serve students and professionals alike. Fujitsu laptops, however, are not immune to various problems, thus reducing their quality and performance, particularly during long-term use.


  • Some owners complain of hardware issues and defects with their Fujitsu laptops. Customers who have been using Fujitsu-branded laptops for less than 2 years sometimes experience keys on their keyboard jamming, as well as black-outs in the LCD monitor. Another problem that stands out among Fujitsu laptops are BIOS defects, where the BIOS settings become corrupt for no apparent reason, causing the laptop not to boot up properly.

Company Response

  • Fujitsu Technologies has been responsive with regards to problems concerning their laptops by providing diagnostic applications which can be downloaded from their support website. The diagnostic application can be used to troubleshoot various problems involving the operating system used on the laptop as well as BIOS issues. The company, however, has not yet provided a level of support users feel is adequate for certain problems involving their laptop's hardware.


  • When it comes to problematic keyboard functions, the best way to fix these is by replacing the problematic keyboard with a new one. This is because the internal controls of the keyboard have already jammed and can no longer be fixed by means of mere repair. Blue screen blackouts, meanwhile, can be traced to BIOS issues, and this can be resolved by fixing the BIOS settings. If the blackouts still occur at random times, however, this may entail an LCD issue and can be repaired by means of LCD replacement.


  • Unlike other laptops, whose parts are common and can be replaced by generic accessories, Fujitsu computers follow a specific design given by the company, and hence, they cannot be properly repaired by non-Fujitsu recommended technicians. The costs of repair, however, are quite expensive, with expenses ranging from $150 to $500 as of 2009, depending on the damage of the laptop. It also takes 6 to 8 weeks for the laptop to be serviced by the company.


  • Given that Fujitsu laptops are considered to be among the most delicate of laptop brands, the best way to prevent problems from occurring is by practicing proper maintenance. Keyboard jamming and LCD issues can come about as a result of overheating, so it is important to make sure that you use laptop cooling pads to keep your computer well-ventilated while using. BIOS problems can be prevented by sticking to the configuration setup provided by the company, so that diagnostic issues can be easily addressed once the laptop is sent for repair.

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