Hot Water Pressure Problems


Hot water pressure problems can have many different causes. While most require professional aid, a few have simple solutions. Causes range from problems at the source of the water supply or in fixtures to complex problems involving building height or clogs and debris in various parts of the water supply system.

Water Pressure Determined by Municipal Entity

  • One reason consumers experience reduced hot water pressure is that the water pressure level generally gets determined by a municipal facility. These suppliers sometimes limit or restrict the overall water pressure for conservation purposes based on levels at the water source. Typically this affects both hot and cold water pressure, but more noticeably affects hot water pressure.

Hot Water Pressure in Fixtures

  • Another hot water pressure problem can originate in a particular fixture such as a faucet or showerhead. The first thing to rule out in this instance is that the fixture itself is not the cause of the problem. If the fixture is the cause of the problem, removing the aerator (strainer) will fix this problem and can generally be done without professional help. Other causes of fixture-specific hot water pressure problems include broken O-rings or problems in the pipes leading to the fixture.

Hot Water Pressure and Building Height

  • Water pressure problems in high-rises building can affect both hot and cold water. The greater the distance water has to be pumped upward, the greater the effect on water pressure. This problem requires expert servicing to correct, though usually installation of a water pressure booster pump can resolve this problem.

General Problems

  • Hot water pressure problems of a general nature are associated with interference with the water system's operation, such as clogged pipes, debris in the water heater, corroding parts in the hot water tank and lost air in the water pressure tank. Problems such as these require servicing by a plumber (clogged water pipes) or hot water heater maintenance professional.

Problems at the Source: Well Water

  • Some hot water pressure problems originate at the individual supply source of the water itself when the consumer uses well water. Hot water pressure problems can result from problems at the well itself or problems with the well pump equipment.


  • With the exception of some fixture-specific problems, or unless you have experience in diagnosing and repairing plumbing systems, hire a professional to determine the exact nature of your hot water pressure problem and correcting it.

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