Multimedia Developer Job Description


Multimedia developers work with computer information systems, graphics and delivery protocols for software. They design web portals for online learning programs, video games and high-end interactive websites. The American Heritage Dictionary says that multimedia is, the process to "combine text, graphics, full-motion video, and sound into an integrated package."

Salary Data

  • The average annual salary for a multimedia developer is $81,000, according to This salary data is current as of 2009. This is a salary that is 28 percent higher than the average annual salary for all occupations averaged across the United States. The flash developers earn an average of $90,000 per year. Many multimedia developers use flash technology and software creation techniques.

Nature of the Work

  • Multimedia development jobs are considered to be highly desirable and comfortable jobs. Software and multimedia development takes place in computer labs of office building out of the harsh elements. Computer labs are climate controlled and kept cool to protect the hardware and software. These positions require long hours and a complete commitment to the finished product. Game developers often work nights and weekends when they have a new product under development. They must meet delivery, release and copy deadlines.


  • Multimedia developer positions require a bachelor's degree or equivalent in programming, media applications or any other technology-related area. Multimedia developers must possess the ability to manage projects and teams required to complete the finished product. These people include artists, programmers, sound specialists and testers. The multimedia developer is the professional who directs the project. The developer must have experience with programming and/or, software engineering. They must have superb mathematical skills and problem solving skills and a high degree of analytical ability.

Job Duties

  • Multimedia developers must design, coordinate and deliver fully functioning products that incorporate sound, full-motion video, text and graphics into one application that is interactive for the end user. This may include web portals for human resource departments, online university classrooms or video games. The developers tracks all changes with the multimedia project and are responsible for all changes, upgrades and postdelivery patch solutions. They must design, create and test complete and fully working prototypes for the management team. The developer must have the ability to communicate and direct all of the development staff included in producing the finished product. They must have programming skills. The multimedia developer is responsible for communicating with management in response to any inquiries on the project.

Other Duties

  • The multimedia developer must train, mentor and develop new staff. They must form and manage the production and design teams. The developer is responsible for keeping up to date on industry and technology changes, and they are required to ensure their team members do the same.

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