Herpes & Back Pain


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 45 million people ages 12 and older, or one out of five adolescents and adults, have genital herpes. Back pain, a general term describing any discomfort in the back, can be a symptom of genital herpes.


  • Herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease that results from an infection of the herpes simplex virus. There are two types of herpes: oral and genital. It is possible for an individual to have one and not the other. Although treatments exist for herpes symptoms and outbreaks, there is presently no cure.

    Herpes can also be asymptomatic, meaning an individual can have herpes without symptoms. In fact, up to 60 percent of people who have genital herpes show no signs or symptoms and are typically unaware they are infected.

Herpes Symptoms

  • Symptoms for oral herpes include sores and fever blisters that may be in or around the mouth. While usually annoying, these sores are not harmful in adults, teens or children. However, oral herpes is very dangerous for newborns, and immediate medical attention is necessary.

    The first initial outbreak of genital herpes is different from subsequent outbreaks. The initial outbreak typically occurs within two to 20 days after contracting the virus. Symptoms may include fever, chills, headache, swollen glands and other flu-like symptoms such as lower back pain. Treatment for herpes includes medication.

    The most common symptom of a genital herpes outbreak is a cluster of blistery sores on or near the vagina, penis or surround areas, including the buttocks and anus. But individuals with genital herpes may also experience a burning sensation during urination, genital blisters, itching, open sores, genital pain or back pain or be unable to urinate because of a swollen urethra.

Back Pain

  • Back pain is a term used to describe any discomfort in the back. It is also the most common reason adults visit their physician, according to Dr. Peter F. Ullrich of Spine Health.com. Back pain can be either acute, meaning short-term, or chronic, lasting more than three months.

Causes of Back Pain

  • Back pain may be caused by muscle strain or injury or as the result of a medical condition such as kidney disease or herpes. The most common cause of lower back pain comes from lumbar strain, a microscopic tear to the ligaments, tendons and/or muscles of the lower back. Back pain can also be a sign or symptom of a medical condition such as kidney infections, kidney stones, pregnancy, ovarian and/or uterine problems, tumors on the spine or pelvis or herpes.

Treatment for Back Pain

  • Treatments for back pain include pain medication, rest, massage, heat compresses, rehabilitation exercises and, in some instances, surgery.

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