Types of Peroxide for Skin Moles

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Moles are complex things. They can signal disease. They can create a distinctive signature. They can disfigure a face or body part. They can accent a facial feature. Moles can come with age or can be with us from birth. Some people love their moles; others just want them gone. While there are doctor-performed treatments available with guaranteed results, there are some home remedies for mole removal that are effective.


Moles, or nevi, are masses of pigmented cells. While they can be spots of any color or size, they are commonly small and dark brown. Moles are found everywhere on the body but occur more frequently in places that are exposed to the sun.

Moles and Skin Cancer

The majority of moles are harmless, but some can become cancerous, forming malignant melanomas. Although this is rare, melanoma is a serious condition, as more people die from skin cancer than any other form of the disease. Careful monitoring of the size and shape of existing and new moles is important in catching skin cancer early and increasing your chances of survival.

Mole Removal

Although once upon a time moles were called “beauty marks” and were highly desirable, most people nowadays would rather not have them. As much as many want them gone, they may decide to keep them rather than seek out a doctor’s care for removing them. However, there are all-natural removal techniques that are safe and easy to try at home.

Hydrogen Peroxide

One popular method people use to get rid of moles at home is to put hydrogen peroxide on them on a regular basis. Simply dip a cotton ball or cotton swab into the hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the mole. Try to do this at least in the morning and evening and more often if possible. Even if you have never had a skin reaction to hydrogen peroxide before you should watch for signs of irritation, as most people do not use it on their skin this frequently or intensely.


It seems simple, but how can it work? Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleach that acts as a disinfectant in low concentrations. It is so effective that it is used for industrial cleaning in high concentrations. You do not need a high-strength hydrogen peroxide for mole removal; regular table strength is enough, as you are not trying to burn it off, just lighten it. Once the mole is gone, be sure to use sunscreen on the area to discourage it from returning.

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