The Side Effects of Releana


Releana is a weight loss drug, usually delivered under the tongue in liquid form. While Releana has been demonstrated to be an effective weight loss supplement, it does have some side effects.

Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome

  • One risk, although relatively uncommon, associated with Releana use is ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, or OHSS. This very serious condition can cause ovarian cysts to form, which may enlarge the ovaries. Swelling of the extremities, abnormal weight gain and stomach problems such as nausea and diarrhea are indicators of OHSS. Any woman experiencing these symptoms as a result of Releana use should contact a doctor immediately, as OHSS can be fatal if not treated.

Early Puberty

  • While not widely recommended, Releana is sometimes used to treat prepubescent boys who are overweight. The nature of the hormone may cause these individuals to experience signs of early puberty. Any of the telltale signs of puberty---growth of facial hair, a deepening voice, acne and increased sweating (particularly under the arms) must be made note of. If these symptoms appear, a doctor should be contacted immediately and alternative options for weight loss should be discussed.

Multiple Pregnancy

  • Releana use during pregnancy (or the use of any other HCG weight control supplements) may result in a multiple pregnancy---such as twins, triplets or quadruplets---which are considered high-risk due to the effects on the fetuses and the mother. Women who are planning on becoming pregnant or who may already be pregnant are generally advised not to begin using Releana, or to discontinue use.

Flu-Like Symptoms

  • Some side effects of Releana use may be manifested in flu-like symptoms. Runny nose and muscle soreness are not uncommon in individuals using this HCG treatment. HCG stands for human corionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone released by women when they are pregnant that aids in the production of progesterone. Many of these issues may be attributed to the hormone shift that occurs with Releana use, and most are not serious. If such symptoms do not subside, an individual should contact a doctor.

Other Symptoms

  • Use of Releana may result in other symptoms not mentioned above. For example, some individuals who have used Releana to lose weight have reported headaches, inability to sleep and a general ill feeling. Sore or swollen breast tissue may occur as a side effect. In certain cases, individuals who are on a Releana weight loss regimen will become easily depressed. Back pain, water retention and even loss of sex drive have been reported among users.

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