MRSA Rectum Symptoms


MRSA stands for methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus. This bacterium has become resistant to the antibiotics that are normally used to treat staph infection. The bacteria is carried on the skin and the nose--and in some patients the rectum--without displaying any symptoms. The bacteria gains entry to the body through a cut or abrasion in the skin. Symptoms often present as a skin infection.


  • The symptoms of MRSA in the rectum can start with pimples or boils. The rectum may be swollen and inflamed with the infection. Small bumps on the skin can quickly turn into painful abscesses that may require draining by a doctor.
    About one third of the population has staph infection on the skin or other areas of the body including the rectum. People who have staph infection but do not exhibit any symptoms are colonized and can pass the infection on to others.
    MRSA that exists in the rectum poses a serious health threat if the skin becomes broken due to hemorrhoids or other abrasions to the skin in this region.


  • Boils and bumps in the rectum that are actually MRSA skin infection must be diagnosed by a doctor to determine if the condition is indeed MRSA. A tissue sample of the infected area is analyzed to verify if the resistant strain of staph is responsible for the infection.


  • Preventing the symptoms of MRSA of the rectum is a matter of keeping the bacteria from coming in contact with an abrasion or cut. To keep from becoming infected with MRSA infection of the rectum, do not share personal items such as towels and clothing.
    Keep wounds covered to prevent MRSA bacteria from infecting an open wound.


  • The symptoms of MRSA are quickly becoming a crisis in the medical community. Keep an eye on wounds and skin infections of the rectum and get treatment as soon as possible. MRSA is currently treatable, but it could become resistant to the medications currently being used. Some infections have already shown signs of resistance to the latest antibiotics.


  • The rectum is a sensitive area and can be prone to skin abrasions and wounds for those suffering from anal fissures and hemorrhoids. MRSA that is allowed to enter the body in this area can infect the blood and bones if left untreated. Pneumonia caused by MRSA infection is a serious complication and very difficult to treat.

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