What Are Side Effects of Lipotropic Injections?


Lipotropic injections are a treatment for burning fat in the body by injecting substances into the body. Lipotropic injections differ from liposuction because while liposuction is invasive and removes fat from the body, lipotropic injections don't remove fat; they just help fat dissolve by aiding the rate of metabolism. Fat is dissolved in a generalized fashion, unlike in lipodissolve method, in which fat is dissolved in specific areas.


  • Lipotropic injections are used to dissolve excessive fat in some parts of the body in which exercise doesn't work. Some of these areas include the stomach, inner thighs, neck, buttocks and hips. A combination of B12 and B6 injections is given in a lopotropic injection. Other lipotropic or fat burning substances may also be injected including inotisol, which helps the liver remove fat; choline, which distributes cholesterol and prevents it from getting deposited in one part of the body; and methionine, which is similar to inotisol. In some cases, a combination of these may be given. Injections can be administered up to twice a week.


  • The amino acids that are injected into the body stimulate the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism. These injections boost the metabolic power of the body. The injections are only effective temporarily. As soon as the effect of these drugs wears out, the body starts returning to normal gradually.

Side Effects

  • Potential side effects include stomach upset and urinary problems due to the strain the injections place on the kidneys. Depression is another possible side effect. Online Health Care.com reports that some patients were unable to control their urine, and/or had diarrhea. Finally, some patients reported an pleasant odor.


  • Lipotropic injections change the function of the digestive system temporarily. This can result in extreme exhaustion, since the body is not used to working at this level and condition. Another major defect of these injections is that weight loss is very inconsistent. Some patients experienced having lost 12 lb. in one session, and five lb. the next. Over a three-month period of the treatment, there was extreme variation in weight loss in patients according to online testimonials and reports at a UK website called Body Creates.


  • Unexplained pain in unrelated parts of the body is another potential side effect. Patients have complained of pain in the neck and parts of the hand. How these injections cause these pains is not clear. Some patients have also experienced joint pains and allergic reactions to the injections.

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