Importance of Housekeeping in the Hotel Industry


The hotel industry is fraught with competition, and two-thirds of the jobs available are service jobs, with the largest departments being in housekeeping. All of the services offered by the hotel industry can be duplicated from one location to another, from one country to another. Housekeeping can be a way to set a hotel apart from its competitors. In addition, housekeeping establishes a hotel's reputation for cleanliness and quality. It is vital to have a strong housekeeping department in the hotel industry, for the guests' health, safety and comfort.


  • Housekeepers in the hotel industry are responsible for keeping the facility clean, safe and comfortable for guests. Their jobs include cleaning rooms, changing bedding, cleaning all bathrooms, replacing toiletries, cleaning common areas, doing laundry and ensuring a clean overall appearance. These individuals may also be required to assist in other areas of the hotel. They include all levels of housekeeping, from assistants to supervisors and executive housekeepers. It is important to have housekeeping available 24 hours per day seven days per week for guests in the hotel industry.


  • Housekeepers are specially trained individuals. They can be provided with performance-development programs to improve their work and assist them in moving up in the hospitality industry. Housekeeping in the hotel industry can be a stepping stone for future positions and promotions for housekeepers. These individuals learn key communication and teamwork skills that can be used throughout the hotel industry, not just in housekeeping. Proper selection and training are the key to maintaining a superior housekeeping department within the hotel industry.

Additional Services

  • As with most services, the more a company can offer the more the consumer is loyal. The hotel industry can offer additional housekeeping services, such as dry cleaning, laundry, shoe polishing and personalized touches for return guests that will keep the guests coming back. Encouraging innovation in the housekeeping departments of the hotel industry will continually create new services and add value for customers.


  • Although housekeeping is vital to the hotel industry, there are several challenges. Ensuring the efficiency of the staff and cleaning chemicals is important. In addition, reducing waste and reducing the environmental impact of the hotel industry can be done through housekeeping. Training housekeeping staff to become more energy aware will aid with energy conservation and also reduce the environmental impact of the hotel industry. Housekeeping staff will also be required to anticipate guest needs. Finally, offering educational opportunities to staff members on all these areas will reduce the challenges the hotel industry faces in the housekeeping department.


  • With the world's focus on recycling and conservation, the hotel industry must change some of its habits. In addition, becoming more consumer focused, like offering a directory of lost and found items online, will set a hotel apart from the rest of the industry. Promoting a spirit of innovation within the housekeeping departments will assist the hotel industry in overcoming challenges and preparing it for smooth transitions to new trends and customer expectations. With the many people traveling for vacations, business or visiting family and friends, it is vital that hotels distinguish themselves from one another. Turning your hotel into a destination, rather than merely a place to stay, through exceptional housekeeping and hospitality can provide a competitive advantage in the hotel industry.

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