The Side Effects of No2 Hemodilator

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NO2 Hemodilator is one of many strength-training supplements designed to boost strength performance and increase muscle mass. NO2 Hemodilator claims that prolonged drug use leads to greater gains in strength training performance, increased muscle mass and increased presence of fast-twitch muscles. Overall, NO2 Hemodilator does not appear to be any different than other nitric oxide supplements in terms of beneficial gains and possible side effects.


NO2 Hemodilator works as a nitric oxide and creatine supplement. Like most nitric oxide supplements, users will experience an increasing in feeling and ability to perform their strength training at a greater intensity for a longer period. Nitric oxide achieves this feeling by dilating the blood vessels. In doing so, a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients can be transported to the working muscles.

Side Effects

There are no officially identified side-effects for NO2 Hemodilator. However, because it is a nitric oxide and creatine supplement, it likely has possible mild side-effects that are similar to its competition. These may include diarrhea, headaches and upset stomach. To help counter-act these possible side-effects, it is recommended to stay well hydrated when taking NO2 Hemodilator


As noted in, NO2 Hemodilator claims to maintain sustained levels of nitric oxide in the skeletal muscle system. The product claims to have a proprietary delivery system that allows hemodilation, or an increase in blood vessel diameter, that lasts all day long. This gives the users a longer lasting elevated feeling and ability to workout stronger and longer.


According to, no clinical trials or studies have been conducted to support the claims put forth by NO2 Hemodilator. It is believed to be no better or no worse than the average nitric oxide supplements that are readily available for purchase. However, this does mean that NO2 Hemodilator will provide you with an increased feeling and ability to work harder and longer, but may not specifically result in increased muscle mass or increased fast-twitch muscles.


Because of the lack of studies done on nitric oxide supplements, it is unknown as to exactly what the optimal dosage is and what may occur if one takes a large consistent dose. It is best to follow NO2 Hemodilator’s dosage instructions which are dependent on the user’s weight. Taking large doses immediately will likely result in diarrhea, nausea and headaches. Most supplement experts encourage users to start at a low dosage and increase the dosage incrementally every week while being mindful of the effects.

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