Does Strattera Make You Lose Weight?


Strattera is a medication used to treat the symptoms of ADHD. Strattera, however, is a non-stimulant medication and therefore does not have as dramatic side effects as those associated with stimulants. Strattera helps people who have ADHD by improving the ability to pay attention and reducing recklessness; however, Strattera can have a range of side effects. Weight loss may be one of these side effects.

What is Strattera?

  • According to the website, Strattera is a drug that "strengthens the chemical signal between those nerves that use norepinephrine to send messages." The process allows a person who has ADHD to be able to control his or her symptoms. Unlike stimulants, Strattera does not have an effect on the dopamine systems.

Weight Loss

  • The side effect of weight loss with Strattera occurs regularly. Some people enjoy this side effect. For those who are overweight, the weight loss may be welcomed. For other people, including children, weight loss can be unwanted and dangerous to a young, developing body.

Weight Loss and Children

  • According to the website, "16 percent of children and teens reported a decrease in appetite as a side effect of Strattera." Despite that, only 3 percent of those children and teens lost weight. Weight loss can be okay for children and teens but too much weight loss can be a problem for developing bodies.

Weight Loss and Abuse

  • Since Strattera may cause weight loss, it can be abused by some. Even though it is not a stimulant, some may take Strattera just for the hope of losing weight, according to the website. Unlike stimulants, Strattera is not as greatly controlled since the side affects are not as dramatic, thus making the drug more addictive. Despite the possible weight loss side effect, Strattera does not seem to possess as big of a risk of abuse as stimulants do.


  • If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, discuss with your doctor about how Strattera may be an option for you. Make sure you are fully informed on the possible side effects of Strattera, including weight loss.

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