Post Production Supervisor Job Description


A post production supervisor is a professional within the field of film and television. These individuals are engaged by employers once production has been completed to ensure that the post production process runs smoothly (e.g. all deadlines are met and budget is adhered to). Liaising with the producer, editor, sound editor and accountant, post production supervisors keep all lines of communication open in an effort to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Job Responsibilities

  • A post production supervisor is brought on board during the pre-production process. Conferring with the director and reading the script, the supervisor communicates to the producer the creative and budgetary commitments required for the successful completion of the film. If finances are constrained, the supervisor then counsels the director regarding what those limitations are, educating on what can realistically be accomplished during post production. All post production staff, including, sound editors and graphic designers, are recruited, trained and, if necessary, terminated by the post production supervisor. Throughout the entire process, the supervisor also partners with the accountant of the production to ensure that the budget is balanced.

Job Opportunities

  • As with many job opportunities within the entertainment industry, post production supervisors often find work through networking with others in the field. Providing educational, job search and networking resources to its members, The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is a professional organization catering to those in this line of work. These jobs may also be found advertised in newspaper classifieds and online. Additionally, niche publications such as the Hollywood Reporter and Back Stage publish available post production supervisor roles.

Qualitative Requirements

  • To excel as a post production supervisor, a candidate must be able to successfully manage a budget, both large and small. Additionally, a strict adherence to deadlines, while juggling multiple tasks is required. Interpersonally, a supervisor must be able to effectively communicate and reason with others in order to get the job done. Reasonable deduction and other problem-solving skills are imperative, and will be drawn upon through the career of these professionals.

Educational Requirements

  • A formal college education is not required of those who wish to become post production supervisors. More important to employers is prior professional experience within the area of post production. This may be achieved through both internships and professional work in an assistant capacity. Additionally, formal course work is available through junior colleges, proprietary schools and universities across the country. Students may study filmmaking, with training from various areas, including editing, budgeting and sound.

Average Compensation

  • According to, the average post production supervisor employed in the United States of America earns a salary of $43,000 per year. This is a field with phenomenal growth opportunity. Due to an increased need in programming to meet the requirements of a rising number television channels, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment in this industry to grow 11 percent through 2016.

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