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Bumps on the lips result from a few different illnesses or conditions. The bumps may be sexually transmitted, occur as a natural response to an allergen, appear as an inherited condition or result from excessive use of alcohol or tobacco products. Different symptoms exist for the different causes of these bumps and each issue has a different treatment.


Bumps on the lips are symptoms of other conditions. The bumps may be painful or irritated. Sometimes the bumps itch, dependent upon the cause of the bumps, and other times the bumps may not itch or hurt, but only appear unpleasant. Bumps on the lips may also be ulcers or blisters that open up and drain down the lips or chin.


Because the bumps on the lips may actually be blisters or ulcers, several conditions may result in the bumps. Such conditions include oral cancers, chemical burns, infections, fevers and both forms of herpes. In the case of herpes simplexes A and B, the bumps on the lips may be sexually transmitted from kissing, oral sex or even from sharing a drink with a person with an active mouth bump or sore. Reactions to medications and surgeries normally result in lip swelling, but sometimes cause bumps on the lips. Pepper juice, used to plump the lips for beauty reasons, may also get into cracks in the lip skin and produce irritated bumps.

Identifying Factors

Bumps on the lips may appear white or red. The bumps may be located around the edges of the lips, on the inside of the lips or in the corners of the mouth. Herpes bumps often spread to surround the mouth.


Treatment for bumps on the lips will depend upon the cause of the bumps. Treatment may range from a simple application of a cream for irritation to more extreme treatments like surgeries to remove the bumps from the surface of the lips. In some cases, the bumps may be severe enough to require removal of the lips and grafting of skin from different areas of the body. Liquid nitrogen burns off lip bumps that are a direct result of skin cancer. This removal treatment is conducted in a single day and leaves red marks and scabs on the lips until fully healed.


To avoid bumps on the lips and the conditions that cause the bumps, avoid excessive use of tobacco and alcohol. Never consume harmful chemicals or irritants or use the chemicals or irritants on your lips. Avoid sexual conduct, kissing, and sharing food or beverages with persons with sexually transmitted diseases or common fever blisters.

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