The Average Cost for Liposuction of Cheeks


Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. One such cosmetic procedure is called Buccal fat removal (liposuction of the cheeks). Those unhappy with their cheeks are able to reshape them and remove the amount of fat to give the cheeks a more defined or thinner appearance. Like all cosmetic surgery, there are varying costs, risks, and complications.


  • Buccal fat removal is done to change the appearance of the lower part of the cheeks. It can help create a more "slim" appearance of the face, and help to chisel and define more rounded cheeks. The results of the liposuction of the cheeks are permanent.


  • Liposuction of the cheeks is typically a one- to two-hour outpatient procedure. An incision is made between the cheek and the gums following the patient being placed under local anesthesia. The surgeon is then able to remove the fat with forceps or surgical tweezers. Once the fat has been removed, the surgeon will then close the incisions.


  • Consulting a cosmetic surgeon can help a patient to establish realistic expectations for buccal fat removal surgery. As with all cosmetic surgery, there will be some discomfort and pain. Temporary swelling has also been associated with buccal fat removal procedures and the final results may not be visible for three to four months.


  • The cost of Buccal fat removal varies from region to region and depends on the surgeon and expectations of the patient. Typically, this procedure can range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Although most medical insurance companies do not cover this procedure, there are many surgeons that will accept a payment plan to cover the costs.


  • As with all cosmetic surgeries, there are risks and complications associated with Buccal fat removal. Each person reacts differently to anesthesia and there is always a risk of infection and unforeseen complications when undergoing any surgery. Patients should be sure to thoroughly research their surgeon and have a one-on-one consultation with the surgeon before undergoing Buccal fat removal or any other cosmetic surgery.

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