Oils Used to Treat Psoriasis


Psoriasis is not only a misunderstood skin condition, but also an often misdiagnosed skin condition. Doctors sometimes mistakenly diagnose psoriasis as eczema instead. Once a diagnosis of psoriasis is made, some patients opt to treat their skin condition naturally, rather than using steroid creams and other medicines that are often accompanied by undesirable side effects. Oils used to treat psoriasis often can be used to treat eczema as well.

Types of Psoriasis

There are multiple forms of psoriasis, including plaque psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, and erythrodermic psoriasis. The oils used to treat psoriasis often can be used on most forms of psoriasis with the exception of erythrodermic psoriasis, a potentially serious form of psoriasis.

Keep in mind that psoriasis is not contagious. If you have psoriasis, your family members or other individuals you come in close contact with are not in danger of “catching” psoriasis. However, psoriasis is inherited, so other family members might be affected due to the genetic component of this disease.

Evening Primrose Oil and Psoriasis

Evening primrose oil is one of the best oils used to treat psoriasis, and many individuals report success with this natural treatment. Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid, which can help alleviate psoriasis. Buy evening primrose oil or break open a few capsules and rub the oil directly onto your psoriasis patches. You can also put a few tablespoons of evening primrose oil into your bath.

Vitamin-E Oil and Psoriasis

Vitamin-E oil is another helpful natural remedy used to treat psoriasis. Vitamin-E oil can help to alleviate the redness and itching associated with psoriasis. There is little to no danger of overdosing when applying a fat-soluble vitamin topically. Vitamin-E oil can also be added to running bathwater.

Tea Tree Oil and Psoriasis

Tea tree oil is a helpful oil for treating psoriasis. You can apply a small amount directly to psoriasis patches, but be careful with scalp psoriasis. Tea tree oil is very strong. For this reason, you should be careful when using tea tree oil on scalp psoriasis. Also, if you prefer, dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil such as olive oil before applying to your skin. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of hair products containing tea tree oil. Look for tea tree oil shampoos and conditioners to add to your treatment approach.


The only issue that arises when applying oils to the skin is one of convenience. Oils are messy and can easily ruin your clothes. Apply oil to your skin before bed, and then wash it off in the morning to avoid this inconvenience. Keep in mind that there is very little evidence and support from conventional medicine to encourage natural remedies for the treatment of psoriasis. However, there is usually little risk since most natural treatments, especially when applied topically, are very mild.

Look for oils used to treat psoriasis at natural food stores, upscale grocery stores or online. Essential oils can be expensive. The amount of surface area of your skin affected by psoriasis will determine how much oil you'll need. Try one oil at a time and give at least two weeks before deciding if the results are favorable. If you find one oil works well, then you might consider buying in bulk online for added savings.

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