Hair Loss Due to Steroid


Hormonal changes in the body can cause hair loss in both men and women. Several studies have been conducted that directly relate premature hair loss with the use of steroids. Chemical changes in the male hormone, androgen, and its combination with testosterone produces DHT (dihydrotestosterone, a male hormone). Steroids stimulate an increase of DHT, which can lead to hair loss.

Function of DHT on Hair Follicles

Hair growth is dependent upon healthy hair follicles and an important structure of the follicle called the dermal papilla. For hair to grow, it is important to maintain healthy dermal papilla through nutrition. Increased levels of DHT will prevent the needed proteins and nutrients from reaching the dermal papilla, according to an April 18, 2007, article in Medical News Today. When this happens, the growing process slows down and the shrinking of the hair follicles takes place, preventing new growth. The hair will thin and eventually fall out.


An increase in DHT does not mean that hair loss is definite. According to Medical News Today, genetics and hereditary also have an influence on hair loss. The male baldness gene can be passed down from either side of the family through generations, which dictates whether hair follicles will be susceptible to DHT. Some men and women, through genetics, produce more DHT than others, and will be more prone to hair loss with the use of steroids.


Not all steroids are linked to hair loss. According to an online article by MPR Research, Primobolan, Anavar, Equipoise and Deca Durabolin have all become popular recreational steroids with little effect on hair loss. DHEA is a safe steroid for men to use if they value their hair, however, in women, hair loss may occur. Even though these steroids have little effect on hair loss, caution should be used as there are many other side effects.


If you are concerned with hair loss while using steroids, the ones to stay away from are: Anadrol\50, Dianabol, Androstenedione and 1-testosterone. All of these steroids will cause high levels of DHT leading to hair loss. Hair loss is just one side effect of these steroids and caution should be used.


Taking steroids can lead to serious and possibly fatal results. Cardiovascular disease has been linked to the use of steroids. Cholesterol buildup can happen over time causing the arteries to block up. Hypertension and high blood pressure has been associated with using steroids. Acne can develop not only on the face, but on the neck and back. Using high doses of steroids can lead to jaundice and an enlarged liver. Caution should be used when taking steroids. With any concerns, consult a sports doctor or physician.

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