Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn Side Effects

Talk to your doctor before using Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn.
Talk to your doctor before using Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn. (Image: Siri Stafford/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Drinking Gaspari Nutrition's SizeOn Maximum Performance during your workout will help you perform better, build more lean muscle and recover more quickly, says the manufacturer. According to the NYU Langone Medical Center, several of SizeOn's primary ingredients may indeed enhance athletic performance and provide other health benefits. As a dietary supplement, however, it is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and not all possible side effects may have been identified. Don't use SizeOn if you are pregnant, nursing or have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes or kidney disease.

Effects of Creatine

SizeOn contains three forms of creatine: creatine monohydrate, a magnesium creatine chelate known as Creatine Magna Power and disodium creatine phosphate. The ingredient information does not specify how many grams are contained in every serving. Your body needs creatine to produce phosphocreatine, a compound used by muscles for energy storage. A review of creatine research published in 2002 in Sports Medicine concluded that supplementing with creatine may improve performance in athletes involved in high-intensity exercise such as sprinting. It may also increase athletic endurance. Creatine supplementation does not appear to cause harmful side effects, but users may develop mild digestive problems like diarrhea.

Effects of B Vitamins

Each scoop of SizeOn contains 50 milligrams of niacin, or vitamin B-3. This amount exceeds the tolerable upper intake level, or UL, of the vitamin, which the Institute of Medicine has set at 35 milligrams for healthy adults. Excess niacin may cause flushing, a condition in which the skin of the neck, face, chest and arms turns red and becomes warm and tingly. Over time, it may also damage your liver and cause stomach ulcers. The 7.6 milligrams of vitamin B-2, or riboflavin, provided per serving of SizeOn is over 100 percent of the recommended dietary allowance for adults. A high intake of riboflavin may cause numbness, itchy or burning skin, discolored urine and light sensitivity.

Effects of Vitamin C

Men need approximately 90 milligrams of vitamin C each day, while women should have about 75 milligrams. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, it's common for people to routinely fail to consume enough. SizeOn provides 60 milligrams of vitamin C per scoop, over 66 percent of a man's daily recommendation and 80 percent of a woman's. Getting plenty of vitamin C in your diet may help lower your risk of heart disease, osteoarthritis and high blood pressure, though more research is needed to determine if vitamin C from supplements yields the same benefits as vitamin C obtained foods like fruits and vegetables.

Effects of Whey Protein

Whey protein hydrolysate, which is derived from milk, is a central SizeOn ingredient. Because of this, the beverage may cause nausea, gas, diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain or cramping in lactose-intolerant or lactose-sensitive individuals. The drink may also cause people who are allergic to casein, the main protein in milk, to develop hives, facial swelling, vomiting, digestive discomfort, watery eyes, skin rashes and trouble breathing.

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