Signs of a Tumor on the Eye


The eyes are not vital organs, but they are the only organs that convey sight, an important tool we use to navigate the world. Any eye problems that you might have can be dangerous to your sight, including an eye tumor. Like any type of cancer, early diagnosis gives treatment a much higher chance of being successful. Recognizing the symptoms can get you the medical treatment necessary to save your sight.

The Eye

Your eyes take in light convert it into electrical impulses, which the brain then translates into images. The light enters through pupil, where it is focused through the lens onto the retina, light-sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye. When light hits the retina, it sets off a chain of chemical and electrical events that travel through the optical nerves to brain. Your brain then interprets these into images and vision.

Eye Cancer

Eye cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells within your eye, forming tumors. It can start in your eye, but sometimes it has spread from another area. Breast cancer and lung cancer are known to spread into the eye as they metastasize. Like all types of cancer, we do not know exactly what causes eye cancer. However, there are some known factors that can increase your risk of contracting it. These include smoking, extensive sun exposure and a family history of cancer. Recognizing the symptoms of eye cancer is essential to seeking early treatment.

Vision Problems

The first sign of any problem with your eyes is often problems with your vision. An eye tumor might cause you to have problems seeing in general. It can also cause eye floaters or little spots and squiggles in your eye line. Another symptom of an eye tumor can be the ability to see straight ahead but having problems seeing other parts of your field of sight.

Size Changes

Cancer is essentially unchecked growth, so one of the most common symptoms of cancer is a growth in the area. In the eyes, a tumor can show itself with a bulge in the eye. Changes in the shape or position of the eyeball can also be an indication of a growth. You might also notice that the way your eye moves within its socket is different, too.


Discolorations in your eyes can be another sign that there is a tumor present. Dark spots in the iris are symptoms but might go undetected in those with dark eyes. A telling characteristic of that dark spot is that it continues to slowly grow in size. If you notice this, you should see your health care provider as soon as possible because it means that something is seriously wrong with your eye. You could have an eye tumor.

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