The Best Perfume Making Kits


Making your own perfume is an art, but it is possible to create your own custom fragrance by using a perfume making kit. There are many companies that sell these kits, so it can be difficult to know which is best to purchase. It is important to know what some of the best perfume making kits include before making your purchase.

Multiple Essential Oils

The best kits come with a variety of essential oils so that you can mix and match different types of scents. There are a few different categories of aroma, called the top notes, heart notes and base notes. Top notes are usually gentle and light and can include lemon, peppermint or thyme. Heart notes are usually stronger and warmer and create the body of the perfume. These can include yarrow, rosemary and bay. Base notes are extremely strong and bold, and can include patchouli, rose and jasmine.

Instruction Booklet

Every good perfume kit should include an instructional booklet that helps you gain knowledge of how to properly mix and match the essential oils. The best perfume kit booklets will walk you through how to create the perfumes and store them.

Tinted Bottles

Perfume kits should always include bottles for pouring and mixing the essential oils, but the best ones contain tinted bottles. The most common tinted bottles are either amber or cobalt colored. Using a tinted bottle maintains the quality of the essential oils longer and prevents the oils from sun exposure which can cause oils to go rancid.

Carrier Oil

Using some essential oils directly on the skin can cause skin irritation or even a mild burn. To avoid this essential oils are usually mixed with a good quality carrier oil. One of the most common carrier oils that are included in the best kits is jojoba oil. This is an odorless oil that is non-comedogenic and is absorbed easily into the skin. This oil will hold the fragrances without changing the scent.

Testing Strips

The best kits will always include paper testing strips. You can use these strips to test out oil combinations without mixing them together. You add one drop of essential oil to a testing strip and another to a different strip. Then you wave the strips through the air in from of your nose to discover how they smell together. This prevents you from mixing oils that do not combine in a pleasing way.

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