What Is Orajel Good For?


Toothaches can make you miserable, but there are medications on the market that can help lessen oral pain. Orajel is best known as a topical gel that can provide pain relief for a variety of mouth conditions, not just toothaches. The company manufactures a variety of products to help temporarily soothe oral discomfort.


Orajel is an over-the-counter medication that contains a topical anesthetic called benzocaine. It blocks nerve signals in your body that relay pain messages to your brain. Pain relief comes quickly after application of the Orajel treatment. Different Orajel products provide pain relief for different amounts of time.


Orajel offers a variety of products that can help lessen the pain associated with toothaches, including pain caused by sensitive teeth. Bleeding gums due to gingivitis can also be helped by Orajel products. Dry mouth (also referred to as “cotton mouth”) can cause oral discomfort for people, and this discomfort can be soothed with Orajel. Pain from ill-fitting or new dentures can also be lessened by using Orajel products. Orajel can help alleviate the pain from cold sores or other types of mouth sores.


Orajel offers a variety of products in varying strength from normal to maximum. The regular strength works for most people, but if you are experiencing more severe pain, the maximum strength might provide more relief until you can get to a dentist. The Orajel gel is a well-known product, but the company produces a variety of swabs, patches and rinses as well.


The products offered by Orajel primarily provide pain relief. Some have other functions, as well. Products designed to help cold sores, for example, help kill bacteria in your mouth and promote healing of the sores. The product designed for sensitive teeth helps desensitize tooth pain.


Always read the instructions provided with your Orajel product, or use as directed by your doctor. Generally it is recommended to use the smallest amount. Using too much of any numbing medication can cause dangerous and potentially fatal side effects if the medication is absorbed into your blood. Orajel should not be used if you have blood cell disorder called methemoglobinemia. Consult your doctor before using Orajel products if you have asthma, emphysema or an inherited enzyme deficiency.


Orajel products are not intended to be long-term solutions for mouth or dental pain. If you continue to experience oral discomfort, consult your dentist and explain the problem so that he can help you find a solution.

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