Uses for Lemon Juice


According to the Idaho Observer, lemons are a valuable fruit with many uses. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and have calcium, magnesium and potassium. The lemon differentiates itself from other fruits because in addition to health value, the fruit also has a household value.

Lemon and Dieting

  • One of the most prominent uses for lemon juice has been for losing weight. Lemons have been used for dieting purposes over the last several decades, and the idea of a lemon juice diet continues to gain momentum. The book, "The Lemon Juice Diet," by Theresa Cheung, states that lemon can be used to help the body detoxify naturally and rev up the metabolism. The author states that lemon boosts the body's detox and digestive systems.

Sore Throats

  • Lemon can also be used as a natural home remedy to alleviate a sore throat. According to the Mayo Clinic, stirring honey and lemon juice into a glass of hot water and then allowing it to sit at room temperature provides a treatment for sore throat. The lemon juice helps cut the mucus in the throat and the honey soothes it.

Bad Breath

  • Individuals with bad breath can also benefit from lemon juice. Gargling with diluted lemon juice can reduce the forcefulness of bad breath. The effects of lemon juice on bad breath are not restricted to humans. Owners of dogs with bad breath can drop a small amount of lemon juice into the dog's water to alleviate bad breath. However, pet owners should make sure that the lemon juice does not contain sugar.

Lemon Cleansers

  • Individuals who want to clean their homes naturally can use lemon juice and water mixed in equal amounts. Adding the mixture to a spray bottle provides a natural and effective kitchen and bathroom cleaner. In addition to cleaning the home, lemon can also freshen the air or be stored in the fridge to control unpleasant smells.


  • For years, people have used lemon juice to clean their cutting board. It's important that individuals realize that although lemon can clean a cutting board, it cannot sanitize it. According to Mary A. Keith, a nutritionist and health agent, people can use lemon juice to remove stains from a slicing board, but it will not sanitize a board. To kill bacteria on a cutting board, you should use a quart of water with a teaspoon of bleach.

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