Deck Ideas for an Above Ground Pool


Your above-ground pool doesn't have to stick out like a sore thumb from your yard. You can incorporate several deck ideas to help your above-ground pool blend into your yard and lifestyle. Creating a deck around your above-ground pool can help your pool act more like a built-in pool.

Deck Ideas for an Above Ground Pool
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Build a deck to surround your above-ground pool. Create a deck that is round or square, that essentially has a hole in the middle of it that is big enough for the pool to fit. Build a deck that is at the same height as the top edges of the pool, so that the pool appears to be built into the deck itself. You can build a staircase that goes up to this deck too. Be sure to leave one end of the deck open and accessible so that you can get to your pool if necessary.

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Place your above-ground pool between your home and the edge of your yard. Then, build a deck that reaches from your home to the pool. If your home has one- and-a-half stories, the best height to build the deck would be at the 1.5 level. Install a sliding glass door into one of the rooms on that level, and then create a deck that goes from there to the above ground pool. If the level of your home does not meet the top end of the pool exactly, you can level the deck in a place by having a few steps up or down, so that when the deck meets the pool, it is flush with the top of it. One side of your above-ground pool will be exposed to your yard, and the second side will be surrounded by a deck.

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Build a low deck around your above-ground pool. This deck can be a few inches off of the grass. Build it out of wood, and have all of the traditional deck pieces. Have the deck go the entire way around your pool, so that it is a circular deck with a hole in the middle for the pool. The purpose of this deck would be to let people get in and out of the water without being in the grass.

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Create a low deck that is on the ground around your pool. Then, build a leveled deck in stages from your pool leading up to your house. You can have two or three stages before the deck meets up with your home, and preferably, a sliding glass door or back door to enter your home.

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Treat all of the wood used for above-ground pool decks so that the wood is not damaged by water. Keep in mind that wet wood can be slippery, so post signs that discourage children and adults from running on the deck or from rough-housing near the pool.

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