Facts on Rock Crystals


Rock crystals are clear quartz. They are sometimes referred to just as quartz. There have been many historical uses of rock crystals, which can be found all over the world. Common modern uses of rock crystals are as chandeliers, gemstones and the crystal balls of fortune tellers. Rock crystals are also used for healing the human body and balancing emotions.


  • Rock crystals are clear, colorless quartz. The crystals are shaped as hexagons, meaning they look like prisms or pyramids. They are easily cracked or broken. Rock crystals are generally transparent, but can be opaque (absorbing light). Most rock crystals have the clarity of pure water and resemble both glass and ice.


  • Rock crystals were historically treasured by many cultures. Livia Caesar (wife of Augustus Caesar) dedicated a 50- pound mass of rock crystal to the ancient Roman Capitol. The Arabs and Persians who lived after the time of the Roman Empire made large vessels out of rock crystals. According to the jewelry company JJKent, an example of this is "a Mauritian merchant who owned a basin of rock crystal within which four men could seat themselves at the same time." Rock crystals have been known in China as "soui che stone," which is believed by the Chinese to quench thirst if placed in the mouth.


  • Rock crystals are found in every continent. Brazil, Madagascar, the United States (particularly the famous Hot Springs area of Arkansas), Canada and China have the highest concentration of rock crystal. Other well-known sources of rock crystals are in Cumberland, England, and St. Gotthard, Switzerland. Weighing more than 44 tons, the largest individual crystal of quartz has been in found in Brazil.


  • Rock crystals have many functions in modern times. According to Amethyst Galleries, "rock crystal is used for many ornamental carvings from spheres (crystal balls) to pyramids to figurines to eggs to bowls to wands. There are also many fine chandeliers that are outfitted with rock crystal ornaments." Due to their wide availability, affordability, ease of cutting and beauty, rock crystals are often used as gemstones. Because they lack fire, rarity and color, they are not, however, ranked as fine precious gemstones.

Healing Benefits

  • Many crystals are believed to have healing benefits for the human body. Rock crystals are considered especially effective for healing. According to "Jewelers Circular Keystone" writer Gary Roskin, rock crystals "have the ability to correct a chaotic energy flow--i.e., if you're feeling stressed out, the crystal can balance your energies and revitalize you. As a universal conduit, it can remove negative energy while amplifying, focusing, storing and transforming other energies."


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