Why Drink Mineral Water?


Mineral water has been used for centuries for health and enjoyment reasons. It is defined as 100 percent natural water that usually comes from underground water sources like springs. Its popularity has grown dramatically in recent decades as research continues to show that mineral water is much healthier to drink than tap water or even purified water. Mineral water contains naturally occurring minerals and provides many benefits to consumers.


Mineral water has many uses including flavoring when used in preparing foods. Adding mineral water to yogurt, fish, coffee, tea. rice and pastries can create delicious results. A wide selection of fruit flavors in mineral water have become popular in recent decades.

Better Than Tap Water

Tap water from your kitchen faucet may meet local health standards but many studies suggest that tap water has too many unnatural chemicals in it. Mineral water that is 100 percent natural does not include these industrial chemicals that some researchers have linked to dangerous diseases.

Better Than Distilled Water

Distilled or purified water usually uses a filtering process that eliminates naturally occurring minerals in water. Bottled mineral water, however, retains these healthy minerals. Water can be purified with minerals preserved at the same time through a process called "active carbon block filtration."

Popular and Classy

Since the 1980s several bottled water brands have gained widespread popularity, making mineral water an acceptable and safer alternative than alcohol or even soda pop for public events. There are a number of popular brands of mineral water.

No Preservatives

Mineral waters are popular in many parts of the world. Internationally there are companies that sell fruit-flavored mineral waters that are completely natural and use no preservatives. Many mineral water brands avoid manufactured chemicals as well as preservatives.

Natural Minerals

Due to its high concentration of calcium, mineral water helps prevent the bone disease osteoporosis, which can make bones more fragile. Calcium also helps strengthen bones. Other minerals that provide health benefits include magnesium, fluoride and iron.

Other Health Benefits

Mineral water companies claim their products have many health benefits such as strengthening teeth, preventing heart attacks, balancing blood pressure and helping your kidneys function well. Mineral water also has zero calories, making it an ideal diet drink. Replacing artificially sweetened drinks with mineral water may help prevent tooth decay and obesity.

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