Benefits of Juicing Radishes

Benefits of Juicing Radishes
Benefits of Juicing Radishes (Image: The Luna Cafe/Creative Commons)

A radish, also known as raphanus sativus, is from the brassicaceae family of vegetables. Red radishes are the most common variety. Radishes are vegetables that contain many vitamins and minerals, and there are many health benefits in juicing radishes. Juicing allows a person to better absorb the radish nutrients and benefit more quickly from their healing properties. The juice from radishes can help treat external as well as internal diseases.


Before you juice radishes, it is best to remove any green leaves. This is to ensure that no nutrients escape to this area. Also, wash your radishes thoroughly to rid them of any pesticides or parasites. Spray them with a mixture of vinegar and water. The outer red skin is what gives the radish its stinging, spicy taste. Remove the outer skin or peel if you prefer a less spicy radish cocktail.

Internal Benefits

Health benefits of radish juicing run the gamut. Radishes have enzymes (myrosinase, diastase, esterases and amylase) that can kill off any candida albicans fungus overgrowth in the body. This fungus condition is a known culprit of many autoimmune diseases, such as fibromyalgia. Radish juicing is highly effective in detoxifying the body in order to remove toxins, viruses and parasites. Radishes are also good for the liver and stomach. They are rich in roughage, which promotes healthy digestion and excretion. People with urinary problems can use radish juice to alleviate virtually any inflammation in the urinary tract. Radish juicing can also prevent kidney infections and help cure respiratory problems from colds like asthma and bronchitis. Radishes have anti-congestive properties that can eliminate mucus from the lungs.

External Benefits

Many nutrients contained in radishes, such as vitamin A, C, phosphorus and zinc, are good for the skin. Radish juice can help clear up rashes and various skin diseases. Radishes contain antioxidants that can protect skin cells from ultraviolet light and other carcinogens. Some skin diseases, such as jock itch and athlete's foot are caused by an overgrowth of candida albicans and dermatophytes, respectively. Radish juices have disinfectant properties that help kill any excess fungus on the skin. They can also prevent recurring episodes of most skin diseases.

Other Positive Effects

Radish juicing serves as a natural laxative. Drinking radish juice can help clear up fecal impactions in the colon. It also helps regulate your body's metabolism, improves blood circulation, relieves headaches and reduces acid in the stomach. Juicing with radishes also alleviates nausea and sore throats.

Time Frame

There is no time frame for using radish juicing to cure certain ailments. Most people continue juicing until their symptoms disappear. Some skin conditions like jock itch can improve within a few days. However, more serious internal conditions or diseases caused by candida overgrowth can take many months to heal through radish juicing.

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