Oral Methylcobalamin for Dogs


Methylcobalamin is not only for humans in the treatment of various ailments and medical conditions. As with many other vitamin supplements and medicines, crossover of Methylcobalamin into the world of veterinary medicine provides a chance at extended life and return to normal functioning for dogs.

What is Methylcobalamin ?

  • Methylcobalamin is a vitamin supplement, a form of B-12. It is easily available for oral doses in table form. This vitamin supplement is also referred to as Methyl B-12.

What is Methylcobalamin Typically Used to Treat?

  • Methylcobalamin is found to be very effective in treating dogs with diabetic neuropathy. Although not common in dogs, this condition can occur with diabeties and is very painful and debilitating. Due to consistently elevated blood sugar levels in the dog's body, nerves become damaged and limbs can become weak and even numb. In cases of dogs with diabetic neuropathy, there have been instances in which dogs may be able to walk only a short distance before their legs give out temporarily. In other instances, dogs suffer quick exhaustion.

    Methylcobalamin is also a useful tool in treating kidney ailments. Since vitamin B-12 deficiency can eventually lead to renal (kidney) failure, providing the B-12 supplement found in Methylcobalamin will help to regulate the blood and keep the organs functioning normally.

How Does Methylcobalamin Work?

  • In the case of diabetic neuropathy, Methylcobalamin interacts with receptors in the spinal cord that tell the nerves in the limbs of the body what to do and how to feel. When the nerves are damaged due to increased blood sugar levels, the dog becomes disabled. Methylcobalamin is thought to regulate the sensors in the spinal cord to the nerves, allowing for normal or near-normal functioning. It reduces and often eliminates the pain messages that the nerves receive. This vitamin supplement has also shown the ability to completely remove numbness from the limbs.

    In a dog with a B-12 deficiency, the vitamin supplement simply increases the level of B-12 in the blood. Both uses of Methylcobalamin increase the quality of functioning and life for the dog.


  • As with all medicines and vitamins administered to dogs, it is best to first consult with a veterinarian. There is always the possibility that your dog will have an allergic reaction to a vitamin or medication or for an unintentional overdose. Since Methylcobalamin is found to be beneficial when administered in high doses for some conditions, it is particularly important to keep a veterinarian involved in the medicating of your dog.

    When purchasing the vitamin, carefully read the ingredients and make sure that the product you are buying does not contain Xylitol. This substance is toxic to dogs.

Where to Find the Oral Form of Methycobalamin for Dogs

  • The veterinarian is the first place any dog owner should check when looking for Methylcobalamin in oral form. This can be considered a "one-stop shop" for care and maintenance as well for a supply of the vitamin supplement.

    Additionally, there are numerous online suppliers that carry the vitamin supplement without requiring a prescription. Be wary when ordering online, however, and be sure to read and thoroughly understand all instructions and product information before administering the Methylcobalamin to your dog.


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