Premenstrual Leg Pain


Premenstrual syndrome is usually thought to encompass headaches, fatigue, bloating and most notoriously cramps. However, some women may also experience leg cramping, numbness and pain.


  • To those who haven't felt it, leg pain may seem like a minor inconvenience. However, the pain and discomfort from premenstrual leg pain can be debilitating. It makes sitting for longer periods of time and sleeping through the night difficult. Symptoms can elevate to the point where it interferes with your ability to focus on work, family and friends.

What causes it?

  • Depending on the severity of your symptoms, it could be one of several things.

    Sciatic endometriosis is rare, but involves endometriosis (Uterine tissue that grows outside of its natural environment and onto other internal organs) attaching to the sciatic nerve, which can cause pain that radiates from your hip bone down through your legs, specifically just before and during a woman's menstrual cycle.

    According to, leg pain that "radiates from the groin" may be a symptom of Chronic Pelvic Pain in women.

    A lack of potassium can also cause cramping and pain in the lower extremities, which will likely be felt continually but may seem more intense during menstruation.

What you can do about it

  • Try adding additional potassium, naturally in the form of food, to your diet. If that doesn't help, your doctor can do a test to check your potassium levels and can prescribe, if needed, potassium supplements or she may suggest you take the supplements that are available over the counter. You should always check with your physician before taking any homeopathic or supplemental therapy.


  • Women who have painful periods (cramping, heavy bleeding, and so on) are far likelier to develop sciatic endometriosis than those without. If there is a history of the disease in your family, you may want to bypass the potassium and discuss your symptoms with your gynecologist. Minor, non-invasive laparoscopy can be performed to confirm a diagnosis of endometriosis.


  • This article is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Leg pain can signal more serious issues, including heart problems. If you feel short of breath, weak, dizzy or faint, contact emergency services immediately.

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