What Is the Meaning of Enterprising?


What is the meaning of enterprising when you are trying to compete in business? Someone who is enterprising is someone who can demonstrate initiative. It means that you are a hard worker who is willing to undertake even difficult assignments and will strive to make them work. If this is the term you have heard mentioned when your employer or partner is describing you then you are considered a person who is able to think outside the box, who can take a new idea and follow through on it.

Taking Risks

  • When trying to build a new business you need to be prepared to try something different. Otherwise you are not going to attract customers because you have nothing to offer that they cannot get elsewhere. This is the same if you are trying to launch a new product or open a new restaurant. It is when you try something new to make money by your own efforts that you begin to understand how to be successful in the business world.

Finding the Right Team Players

  • Being enterprising also means being able to find the right team and build a group that when working together will be able to take not only your ideas but put in some feedback of their own and help to build the company and make it work.

Best Strategy

  • Sometimes the best way to do this is to make it more worthwhile for these people to work to their best by giving them a small portion of a start-up company. If they bring big ideas, financial input or much needed skills this is worth considering. Being enterprising does not mean being greedy.

College Courses

  • There are courses available that can help you learn the meaning of enterprising in your career plan. But courses only teach you the concept of being enterprising. They do not teach you how to inspire your colleagues to take a risky project and get it done. Nor can they really teach you to take a chance when you are trying to build your business with new ideas and inspiration.

Feeling Good in the End

  • After all the work is done, and you have accomplished what you set out to do you might still ask yourself what the meaning of enterprising activity is. You'll feel good when you can answer with pride that it is getting a tough job done with positive results.

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