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Coby Electronics Corporation sells inexpensive DVD players. The DVD players, however, often exhibit problems due to their manufacture and way that they work, which must be dealt with during the course of the player's life. Knowing what these problems are beforehand can aid in resolving difficulties when using the DVD player. In some cases, it can help eliminate the problem before it can become catastrophic.


  • Coby Electronics Corporation was founded in 1990 and is based in Manhattan, N.Y. The company produces electronic products at the "low" end of the price range and sells directly to retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Coby DVD players can be found in brick-and-mortar stores throughout the United States as well as online.

DVD Picture is Colorless and Rolling

  • The Coby DVD player works with both the NTSC (in the United States) and PAL (Europe) video standards. Having it set to the wrong system will result in the picture exhibiting a loss of color and rolling as if the vertical hold has been released. Press the "N/P" (NTSC/PAL) button on the remote to switch between the TV systems until the picture stops rolling and the image regains its color.

DVD Picture Fades from Dark to Light

  • Having the Coby DVD player connected into a VCR or a TV/VCR combination player causes the Macrovision to kick in and force the image to go from dark to light. To solve this issue, have the Coby DVD player connected directly to the TV so that the Macrovision copyright protection on the DVD can function correctly.

Display Error Messages

  • The disc door is not properly closed if the Coby DVD player display shows an "Open" error message. Check that there are no gaps in the door and use the remote to open the disc door. If it will not open, unplug the Coby DVD player and gently pull out the disc door and then push it in. Plug the Coby DVD player back into the AC socket.

    If the DVD has not been inserted properly into the disc tray, a "No Disc" error message will come up on the display. Eject the disc and lightly flick off dust using the edge of a lintless cloth. Inspect the disc for damage. Insert it carefully again into the disc tray and use the remote to close the disc door.

Background Noise, No Dialogue

  • Background noise but no dialogue will be heard from the DVD that is playing if the Coby DVD player's audio setting is not set to "5.1" channel audio output. To be able to hear the DVD correctly with the Coby DVD player connected directly to a TV, change the audio setting to "2" channel audio (stereo).

Expert Insight

  • Take the time to insert the disc into the player's disc tray without putting any pressure on it. This will keep the tray from being forced down, which over time will result in the tray getting bent so that it will stick as it comes out or gets stuck and does not come out at all.


  • Because the Coby DVD player is inexpensive, the power supply is not of the highest quality. Having a surge protector to plug into the DVD player will help to keep the power supply from being damaged over the course of its lifetime.

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