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For centuries, humans have searched for ways to combat baldness. Besides using wigs, people have tried to resolve baldness by addressing hair loss or hair growth, or both. One prospect for hair growth is soya. Recently, a U.S. company was able to get a patent for use of soy extract to treat and prevent loss of hair. There are, however, theories that say soya reduces, instead of enhances, hair growth.

Alopecia or Baldness

  • Baldness is the state of lacking hair where it used to grow, especially on the head. Alopecia areata is baldness in males. In the most common form of this type of baldness, hair of the head thins out progressively. The incidence or cause of this type of baldness is varied. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is a trigger for alopecia that adversely affects hair on the head, the mechanism of which is not yet fully understood.

Soya Extract Preventing Hair Loss

  • The patented invention that prevents hair loss is based on the fact that soybeans contain isoflavones, which can inhibit hair loss. These inhibitors are found not only in soy but also in other plants and plant extracts. The invention comes in powder form, in tablets, in capsules and in liquid form. It can be administered orally or topically, alone or in combination with food (although preferably with a liquid or meal).

Dosage and the Japanese

  • For treating or preventing hair loss, the recommended oral dosage is 300 to 500 milligrams of isoflavone-containing plant or plant extract per day, preferably taken in divided doses. The intake of soy by the rural Japanese is 10 to 20 times more than the Americans. The rural Japanese experience almost no baldness in their lifetimes, while a lot of Americans do.

Does Soya Also Cause Hair Loss?

  • In contrast to the theory that soya prevents hair loss and helps hair growth, another theory says soya reduces hair growth or causes hair loss problems. This theory, however, specifies that soya milk (as against soy extracts) reduces not only hair pigmentation but also the rate of growth and the dimensions of the shaft of hair. Proponents of this theory point out that such conclusions were derived from data taken while trying to find natural alternatives for unwanted hair growth.

Advices on Soya For Balding Men

  • Men who are desperate enough to try anything to get their hair back should try the new invention of soya extract and hope they can keep DHT in check, prevent hair loss, and grow a new crop of hair. They can only risk losing the little hair they may have left. Soya is cheaper than most, if not all, prescription drugs for hair loss. It also has no known negative side effects.

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