Mercury Boat Motor Troubleshooting


Mercury boat motors are made by the Mercury Marine company out of Illinois. Mercury, primarily makes outboard motors for private, corporate and government use. Mercury boat motors are of a strong build and will last for years if they are properly maintained, but occasionally these motors do have problems, and it is a good idea to know a few troubleshooting steps in case you have an issue out on a large body of water.


  • If your motor is giving a low output, or is not performing as it should, take into account the weather. Mercury Motors have a horsepower and rpm rating, which is a guide for you to use to check the power of your motor against. These readings are taken under very stringent weather conditions, controlled against the International Standards Organization. If the humidity is higher or lower than 30 percent, the temperature is higher or lower than 70 degrees F, and the barometric pressure is higher or lower than 29.61, you will not likely get the horsepower advertised for your Mercury motor.


  • One real issue you may have is engine overheating. Before taking any action, allow the engine to cool down. Check the water intake hose to see if it is clogged. These often get sand, mud and debris inside them, which can cause overheating. Make sure that the coolant levels in your engine are topped off, but not overfilled. Also check your engine oil to make sure it is at the right level.


  • If the engine is not turning on, first check that the battery has a charge. After you have done this, check the fuel filter for any dirt or water. If there is some in there, you should change out this filter. Check that the spark plug is clean and free of debris. Check that all starting wires are connected.

No Gears

  • If your motor is running but it will not get into gear, it is possible that you have no transmission fluid. Check these fluid levels first before further troubleshooting. Check that all the wires and linkage for the gears are in place and are not damaged. If there are any grinding sounds from your gears, you should have your motor looked at by a professional.


  • If you are going out on your boat, it is a good idea to always have tools with you for troubleshooting in the case anything with the engine should go wrong. Getting stuck in a large body of water without any tools can be scary, and waiting for a distress call to be answered can take a long time.


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