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Known as the "Main Street of the Midwest," the Indiana Toll Road stretches 157 miles across the northern part of the state from Illinois to Ohio. Also known as Interstate 80/90, the tollway is the fastest road from the shores of Lake Michigan on the western edge of the state to the state's eastern border.

Get on the Road

  • Entering the turnpike is convenient at more than 20 on- and off-ramps along the way. If you plan to use the toll road frequently, an E-Zpass is the most convenient way to enter and exit the ITR. An electronic transponder automatically bills your prepaid account. The E-Zpass lets you bypass slow lanes of traffic waiting to pull tickets or pay tolls. If you plan to pay cash, simply take a ticket as you get on the expressway and pay at the tollbooth where you exit. Make sure to hang on to the ticket; you'll pay for traveling the entire road should you lose it.

Along the Way

  • Mile markers at each 1-mile interval help you determine where you are on the turnpike and how far it is to your exit. The speed limit is 70 miles per hour along all but 5.5 miles of the expressway, meaning you could drive it end to end in just over two hours. Travel plazas have fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, fuel stations and accessible restrooms. You'll find free Wi-Fi provided at the Rolling Prairie, Elkhart and Fremont travel plazas. Two more travel plazas are found at Howe and Portage.

Seeing the Sights

  • Blue signs along the way let you know about tourist attractions before each exit, such as historic sites, recreation areas and other points of interest. On the western end of the ITR, soak up the sun at Lake Michigan beaches and enjoy attractions that include the Indiana Dunes, Deep River Water Park and four lakefront casinos. Near the center of the state you'll find Notre Dame, several Amish communities and the Mishawaka Grape Road and Main Street Retail District. Steuben County on the east end of the ITR is home to 101 lakes, a buffalo preserve and the state's sole toboggan slide. You'll also find the Trine State recreation area and Satek Winery in the region.

Multi-Day Travel

  • If you're planning to meander and enjoy the sights along the way, you'll have to exit the turnpike to find accommodations. You'll find campgrounds, RV parks and motels just a short distance from any exit ramp. Overnight RV parking isn't allowed at the travel plaza parking lot. Make reservations using complimentary reservation telephones located inside the travel plazas at mileposts 56 eastbound and milepost 126 westbound. Accommodations and campgrounds convenient to the toll road are listed on the blue signs that precede each exit.


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