Tasers Vs. Pepper Spray


When it comes to personal safety, you can never be too careful. You can purchase a variety of products, but probably the two most popular are the Taser gun and pepper spray. However, before buying one of these, you should know about the benefits and drawbacks of each.


  • There are two types of Tasers. The first relies on direct body contact. Attached to the Taser are two probes that send out an electric shock upon coming into contact with an attacker. On the second kind of Taser, two prongs are attached to wires that can fire up to 15 feet away. The prongs attach themselves to the skin or clothing, and an electric shock is sent through the wires. Both Tasers temporarily stun the attacker, allowing you to make a speedy get away. Most Tasers usually have one or two shots. The shock sent by the Taser does not have any long-lasting effects on the person who was tased.

Pepper Spray

  • Pepper spray comes from the oils in various peppers. It causes a burning sensation when coming into contact with the skin. When inhaled it makes the mucous membranes burn and swell, causing breathing to be very difficult. If pepper spray is sprayed in the eyes, it automatically forces the eyes to close. All of these factors combined allow you time to flee from your assailant. Most sprays can shoot up to 20 feet, but they are most effective when used at close range.


  • One of the benefits of both of these products is the low chance of harming innocent bystanders, as opposed to guns. Also, you can take both products virtually anywhere. Every state has different laws about where a Taser can be taken. You should talk to your local police department to find out where a Taser is allowed and not allowed. Pepper spray is relatively inexpensive and can be disguised in various forms. Both products are extremely effective in temporarily disabling an attacker.


  • The main disadvantage to both of these products is that they only temporarily disable an attacker. In the case of Tasers, different individuals respond differently to a Taser shock, and the attacker might get right back up and continue the attack. Tasers have also proven to be ineffective at penetrating thick clothing. A drawback to pepper spray is that it depends on the amount of pain the attacker feels. While pepper spray automatically forces the attacker's eyes to close, he can continue to attack even while blinded.


  • Both of these products rely heavily on being close enough to an attacker to disable her. When used properly, both have proven to be effective in stopping an attacker. However, every individual responds differently to pain; therefore neither is 100 percent effective. An attacker is disabled longer after being tased than after being sprayed with pepper spray, but pepper spray is less expensive and more easily carried around.

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