1st Grade Online Learning

Online learning is becoming more prevalent for students at all grade levels. Because of the availability of the Internet, kids have access to many kinds of learning games and activities. This is especially beneficial to first graders, who are enthusiastic about education and technology. Online learning can affect a first grader's perspective about school into adulthood.

  1. Significance

    • Computer use in the classroom is no longer something kids do only if they have spare time. It is essential that young children learn the basics of computer usage so they will be familiar and knowledgeable about them throughout school and in the workplace. Computers may not ever replace the classroom teacher, but the day may be approaching when each child is sitting at a desk with a laptop instead of a textbook. First grade is not too soon to begin online learning.


    • The main focus of online learning is reading and math. These are crucial subjects with skills that must be mastered early if the student is to be successful. There is a wealth of math and reading sites with interactive games, activities, and study aids for kids. These sites provide reinforcement of basic skills like addition facts or alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness practice. There are also science, social studies and physical education activities that are designed for a first grader.


    • Online learning may become the main way that struggling students overcome their disabilities and stay on par with the rest of the class. Teachers now use computer based games and software as intervention tools to help kids who are below grade level on specific skills. First grade is the optimum time to target these children and address their needs. Online learning provides ready made resources that give immediate feedback, both of which are invaluable to teachers for assessing progress and adjusting instruction.


    • The overriding concern about online learning is its lack of equal availability. School districts in affluent areas may have more computers for children to use and more teachers and other staff who are trained to use them as educational tools. Schools in districts that have continual problems with funding may not ever attain the same technological level as other schools; therefore, students at these schools will be at a disadvantage throughout school. Although computer classes are part of high school curriculum, there are no specified requirements about technology in elementary schools.


    • Student achievement and skill mastery are the main benefits of online learning. If students are able to have regular access to computers with the help of a teacher or tutor, they will increase proficiency in specific subject areas as well as learn how to use technology to help them solve problems. Hopefully, this will translate into higher test scores and the ability to maintain proficiency every year.

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