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Baby jumpers keep your little one entertained with spring action that helps your baby to bounce up and down on his feet. Baby jumpers range from basic, no-frills seats that are similar to jumpers used 100 years ago to entertainment centers full of activities to keep baby busy. All models can be safe for your baby if you follow instructions for installing and using the jumper and carefully supervise baby at all times.


  • Jumpers provide baby with a workout, entertainment and mind stimulation. An active baby will enjoy using her legs to make the jumper bounce up and down. Jumpers are beneficial to baby before he can crawl because they give him a safe outlet to release stored up energy. Jumpers are also a smart choice for a crawling baby because they provide her with a mini gym to strengthen her legs. Jumpers that come with lights, sounds or toys can excite baby's mind during playtime.


  • There are two main types of baby jumpers: doorframe models and activity jumpers. Doorframe models are suspended in the air using straps that attach to the top of the doorway. Most jumpers have special locking mechanisms that help secure the straps to the doorframe to ensure baby's safety. The distance between the floor and the jumper can be adjusted to suit your baby's height. Activity jumpers sit stationary on the floor with a seat that bounces within a safe frame. The seat can generally be adjusted to grow with your baby, and many seats rotate a full 360 degrees. These jumpers also come with activity trays full of things to squeeze, pat, pull or hear.


  • Doorway frame models are the smaller of the two types and can weigh as little as 2 pounds. The seats are just wide enough to hold a baby up to 24 or 25 pounds. Some doorway jumpers come in the shape of a car and require more space than a basic seat jumper. Activity jumpers are circular and range in height from 26 inches to 43 inches. They can be between 26 and 34 inches wide. Activity jumpers weigh under 20 pounds and can be as light as 10 pounds. Activity jumpers are made to hold a baby up to 25 pounds or 32 inches.


  • Always follow product instructions before using a baby jumper. Pay close attention to height and weight minimums and maximums and never exceed these limits. Baby must be able to hold her head up in order to safely use any baby jumper. Baby's toes should touch the floor when not bouncing. Always remove a doorway frame bouncer when not in use and store an activity jumper out of reach from children and pets. Baby should only use jumper for a period of 10 to 15 minutes each time. Never leave baby unattended in the bouncer. If you buy or receive a second hand bouncer, always research the product to ensure there have been no recalls or safety issues with that model.


  • Ignoring any safety instructions can put your baby at risk when using a baby jumper or any other baby product. Always make sure doorframe jumpers are securely attached to the doorways. Some doorframe baby jumpers have been recalled over issues with their suspension springs. In 2005, there were 80 reports of springs snapping in the Fisher Price Hop, Skip jumper before it was recalled. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, injuries from faulty doorframe jumpers have included head lacerations, black eyes, bumps, bruises and a dislocated tailbone. Test the jumper and double check any clamps or hardware before placing baby in the seat.


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