Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Your Face?


Used for its healing properties by Australian Aboriginal tribes hundreds of years ago, tea tree oil is now widely recognized as one of the best herbal weapons against acne. Health Mad states that this oil comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, and is taken from the sticky leaves.

Why Put it on Your Face?

  • Tea tree oil was found to be effective in treating fungus in the 1930s by Dr. E.M. Humphrey. The Naked Scientist also claims that when tea tree oil is applied to bacteria, the amount of bacteria drops by 90%. As such, this oil has been used to help penetrate the skin and clear it out. The tea tree oil will clear up acne you already have as well as help prevent breakouts of acne and blackheads in the future.

How to Use It

  • Before bed, remove all of your makeup with a makeup remover, acne wash of your choice and warm water. Put some tea tree oil on a cotton swab, a Q-tip or a tissue. Gently rub the oil into your face. Do not wash the tea tree oil off before bed as its best effects will occur if you let it sit on the skin overnight, according to

Use In Combination with Another Acne-Fighting Agent

  • Before using tea tree oil on your face, wash the skin with another acne-fighting agent. This will help remove your makeup and open your pores so your skin is ready to receive this powerful natural substance. Which acne wash you choose is up to you, but carefully read the label. Your acne wash should contain salicylic acid as the active ingredient.

Where to Find Tea Tree Oil

  • Tea tree oil can now be found at almost any grocery or drug store and is marketed in a range of products and brands. Make sure you pick up a product that is labeled 100% tea tree oil. If it is watered down or mixed with other things, it might not work as well. Expect to pay around $5 to $10 for your bottle.

Other Uses

  • Although tea tree oil cannot be used internally (do not try and drink tea tree oil), it can be used on a variety of other problems. Dab some on a sore tooth, apply a few drops on a boil every day for a month, use it to clean minor scrapes and cuts, gargle eight to 10 drops mixed with water for a sore throat, apply a couple of drops to an insect bite, or place it on your feet to clear up athlete's foot.

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