Who Qualifies for Handicap Parking Sticker?


A handicap parking sticker is a tool that disabled individuals can use to park closer to entrances of stores, physician's offices and other places of business. The handicap parking sticker is available from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state of residence. To qualify for the sticker, you must meet specific criteria set forth by your state.

Handicap sticker.
Handicap sticker. (Image: Sergey Karpov/iStock/Getty Images)


Handicap parking stickers are given to those that have difficulty getting from the parking lot to the front of the store. All states vary on who will qualify for this type of sticker, but generally it refers to anyone that cannot walk at least 200 feet without stopping. People that need assistance from a brace, wheelchair or crutch will also qualify. Many states also allow those who use a portable oxygen system to qualify for the sticker.

People in wheelchairs qualify for handicap parking stickers.
People in wheelchairs qualify for handicap parking stickers. (Image: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)


All states offer handicap parking stickers to those that have a permanent mobility issue and many states also allow those with temporary mobility issues to use a handicap parking sticker. In order to obtain this sticker, license or placard, a person needs to fill out an application form and submit it to their local DMV. The application will need to be certified by a physician licensed to practice in the state where the handicap sticker will be issued.

Fill out paperwork at the DMV.
Fill out paperwork at the DMV. (Image: katsgraphicslv/iStock/Getty Images)


There are two types of handicap parking stickers available. The first type is the general handicap sticker. This can be obtained through the DMV for anyone that has a physical limitation. The second type of handicap sticker is for disabled veterans. The sticker for disabled veterans is available to any military veteran who meet the guidelines set forth by Veteran's Administration. The disability must also be at least 60 percent due to serving in any branch of the military.

Veterans receive special parking.
Veterans receive special parking. (Image: Thinkstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images)


Handicap parking stickers are available not only just to those who are handicap themselves, but for any person that drives a disabled person on a regular basis. The sticker or placard allows the driver to park in parking spaces designated for disabled people. These spaces are located closer to the front door of businesses or accommodations such as wheelchair ramps for easy access.

Drivers of handicap persons qualify for handicap parking stickers.
Drivers of handicap persons qualify for handicap parking stickers. (Image: Huntstock/Huntstock/Getty Images)


In order to utilize handicap parking spaces, the handicap parking sticker or placard must be visible on the vehicle. If it is not visible, the vehicle may be subject to a ticket or getting towed from the space.

Handicap parking stickers should not be utilized by individuals that do not have a disability. Those who own a vehicle with handicap privileges should not use handicap spaced unless the disabled person is in the car with them at the time. Improperly using a handicap sticker can also result in a fine.

Handicap sticker.
Handicap sticker. (Image: xyno/iStock/Getty Images)

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