Propranolol Side Effects


Propranolol is a prescription beta blocker drug sold under the Inderal brand name in the United States. This drug is used alone or with other medications to control high blood pressure. This medicine may also be used to treat migraine headaches, severe chest pain and thickened heart muscles. This drug is available in tablets, capsules and other forms. Some side effects may occur with propranolol that require medical attention.

Gastrointestinal and Urinary Side Effects

  • Some side effects of the gastrointestinal and urinary systems have occurred with propranolol patients. According to the Mayo Clinic, some individual users have complained of bloody, black or tarry stools after beginning treatment with this drug. Constipation has occurred with some patients. Some people suffered with diarrhea. Vomiting has been reported. Some people became unusually nauseous. Some individuals experienced heartburn with this drug. Bloody urine and decreased urine output have occurred with some patients.

Mental and Emotional Side Effects

  • Some patients have experienced mental and emotional side effects from propranolol. According to the Mayo Clinic, some people have become confused about times, places and identities while they used this drug. Decreased awareness, decreased responsiveness and crying have been reported. Depression, mutism and paranoia have developed in some people who consumed this drug. Unusual grimaces, strange mannerisms and rapidly changing moods have been observed in some people. Some individuals have complained about vivid dreams.

Nervous System Related Side Effects

  • Side effects of the nervous system have developed in some propranolol users. According to the Mayo Clinic, some patients have experienced double vision, blurred vision or loss of vision while they were treated with this drug. Dizziness, lightheadedness and fainting have been reported by some people. Headaches, disturbed color perception and night blindness have occurred. Some patients have noticed halos around lights, short term memory loss and unusual sleepiness. Difficulty sleeping and loss of energy have occurred.

Skin and Related Side Effects

  • Side effects related to the skin have been observed by some propranolol patients. According to the Mayo Clinic, some people have noticed a peeling, blistering or loosening of the skin while they used this drug. Cracks in the skin, pinpoint red spots and paleness of the fingers and toes have been reported. A puffiness of the face and skin reddening around the ears have occurred. A skin rash that resembles psoriasis has developed in some cases.

Other Effects

  • Other side effects have been reported by people who used propranolol. According to the Mayo Clinic, some individual users have complained about coughing, congestion and a bloody nose while taking this drug. Chest pain, breathing problems and difficulty swallowing have been reported. Irregular heartbeat, fever and chills have occurred. Hair loss, heavier menstrual periods and loss of body heat have developed in some people. Muscle pain, joint pain and sweating were experienced by some patients.

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