Calories Burned While Push Mowing


Any type of physical activity can burn calories and become a part of your fitness routine. Mowing a lawn with a push mower can be quite the workout. There are two types of push mowers, both of which allow you to burn calories while taking care of this household chore.


  • There are two primary types of push mowers: those with gas- or electric-powered motors and those propelled by your own forward momentum. While both allow you to burn calories, the manually powered push mower will burn more calories than the engine-powered push mower.


  • According to Jeffrey P. Restuccio, the author of Get Fit Through Gardening, a male weighing 180 pounds using an electric- or gas-powered push mower will burn around 182 calories per 30 minutes or around 364 calories per hour. That same man using a manually powered mower can expect to burn 243 calories in 30 minutes or around 486 calories in an hour.


  • Various factors affect how many calories an individual will burn when doing any type of physical activity. These factors include weight, fitness level, gender and level of intensity. The less you weigh, the fewer calories you will burn during physical activity. Also, women tend to burn fewer calories during the same activity than a comparable male who weighs the same.


  • A manual push mower offers the greatest calorie-burning potential over both the powered mower and riding mower, although the last two still offer calorie-burning benefits.

    Since each person is different in terms of how his or her body functions, using the link in the Resource section of this article will help you determine how many calories you can burn while mowing. You will only need to enter your weight and the time spent on the activity.


  • If you are not usually physically active, or are on medication, you should check with your doctor before doing strenuous physical activity or starting an exercise routine. You should also avoid mowing the lawn in extreme heat and should take your time with the task. Keep in mind that the length of time spent mowing the lawn affects the number of calories burned, the longer it takes to mow the lawn the more calories you will burn.

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