Promotional Advertising Ideas


Promotional advertising, when done correctly, will benefit the consumer as well as the business. Special offers and free giveaways will attract new business and get your company name out in the community. Bring a new level of excitement to your advertising with these promotional ideas.


  • Hold a contest to give your product away free to a few select entrants. Promote the contest in every advertising outlet you use as well as directly to your customers. Use simple one-page printed signs explaining the contest to post information in public places in your area. Contact the media to cover the drawing of the winning name and the awarding of the prize.

Buy One, Get One

  • Holding a buy one item and get one free sales event is a classic marketing promotion. Prices are traditionally set at full retail price and no other discounts are accepted. Due to the rise of warehouse stores customers are comfortable these days with the concept that buying in larger volume can mean paying a lower price per item. You will attract the buyers that want more value for their money.


  • Print T-shirts with your company logo or graphic and a promotional slogan. Use the shirts as office giveaways and at conventions and company events. Offer T-shirts to customers for free or at cost. Having people walking around wearing your company T-shirts is like having hundreds of small billboards all over town. The wearers silently and effectively give off the message that they approve of and support your business.

Reusable Packaging

  • Collectible tins or strong reusable containers will have staying power in the home of your customers. Sell your products in quality packaging with your company name and logo printed clearly on the outside. Release a series of different collectible packages that will get customers to keep your containers and buy more of your product to collect them all.

Creative Cards

  • A creative business card will stand out among the stack or cardboard rectangles that every other business is giving away. Business cards with magnetic backs, that double as letter or bottle openers, or are unusual shapes or materials will be remembered and even used by the recipients. This will put your business name out where it will be seen, keeping it fresh in the minds of your customers.


  • Releasing a coupon with a substantial discount will attract consumers who are looking to save money. Carefully word your coupon and be prepared to honor it by the terms it was released. List any restrictions like a limited supply or expiration date clearly to avoid customer misunderstandings. Monitor the response of every outlet the coupon is released by coding the coupons so you know which had the best response.

Promotional Event

  • Throw a party event at your business complete with banners and grilled hot dogs. Free food and loud music can raise the energy and the amount of customers at your place of business. Advertise for the event in advance and flag down passing cars with large signs on the day of the event. Even if people only stop in for the free food, they will give you an opportunity to introduce yourself and your business.


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