Tilted Uterus & Back Pain


Although most adult women have a uterus that is in a vertical position, occasionally some women will have a uterus that will be tipped backward. While the American Pregnancy Association reassures women that this rarely is a problem in relation to fertility, some women may experience lower back pain due to a tipped uterus, whether they are pregnant or not. Normally the uterus moves forward as the female body matures and a woman enters adulthood. Occasionally this does not happen and the uterus remains tipped toward the back.

Symptoms of a Tipped Uterus

  • Some women who have a tipped uterus--also referred to as a retroverted uterus--will have no symptoms at all. Other women will experience pain and discomfort. According to Women's Health, common symptoms can include pain during sex and extreme pain during periods. Women who have a tipped uterus may also experience lower back pain, as well as urinary tract infections and incontinence. In severe cases a tipped uterus has the potential to cause fertility problems.

Why Does a Tipped Uterus Cause Back Pain?

  • The position of a tipped uterus puts pressure on the lower back. Pressure may be on a nerve or other sensitive areas of the lower back. While not all women who have a tipped uterus will have back pain, this particular symptom is not uncommon.

Complications of a Tipped Uterus

  • While a tipped uterus is not typically a condition that requires medical intervention, occasionally other problems will make treatment necessary. A tilted uterus that requires treatment is usually caused by another problem such as scarring. If a women becomes pregnant and the uterus does not right itself with the weight of the baby, problems urinating may occur and back pain may become extreme.

Treatment for a Tipped Uterus in Pregnant Women

  • While a tipped uterus does not typically require treatment, in some cases it becomes necessary. In the case of pregnancy a tipped uterus can be temporarily corrected by having the woman lie on her belly for a few days. This will cause the uterus to move forward and relieve the associated back pain.

Treatment for a Tipped Uterus in Women Who are Not Pregnant

  • Treatment for a tipped uterus in a woman who is not pregnant involves inserting a vaginal ring that holds the uterus upright so that it does not fall back into a tipped position. Like treatment for a pregnant women, this relieves the back pain associated with a tipped uterus.

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