Types of Customer Service Training


A company with customer service representatives has a need to provide training periodically. There are a number of methods for training employees. Every employee does not learn equally from the same method or technique. When employees are adequately trained they will give superior service, and become more knowledgeable and informed about their jobs. Customers are happy and satisfied when they are dealing with professional, helpful, courteous individuals who have their best interest at heart. The end result is more sales and profits for a company.

Role Playing

  • One type of customer service training is role playing. One individual can pretend to be an irate customer and another individual will be the customer service representative answering questions and handling concerns. This allows the employees to practice providing customer service in an environment that mimics a real world situation. Everyone should be allowed to get creative when they participate in these sessions. They can also reverse roles and use a different scenario.


  • A company could send their employees to seminars for customer service training. Customer service representatives can learn how to defuse an angry customer, listen, provide solutions and answers and take ownership of the customer's call. There are many invaluable techniques and methods to be learned at a seminar. A number of companies provide this type of training on a regular basis. Some companies will present the seminars on site for the organization they are working for. Employees won't have a need to travel, which reduces costs.

Call Monitoring

  • Managers will sometimes listen to customer service representatives' phone calls and then provide them with constructive feedback and criticism. They listen to every aspect of the call including the greeting to see if the representative handled the call appropriately. Companies will sometimes require employees to attempt to sell a product or service once the customer's initial complaint has been satisfied. This allows employees to build a better relationship and ultimately sell more products. The calls are rated and scored to see if a representative touched on all facets of customer service.


  • A supervisor will, from time to time, present an in-house workshop designed explicitly for the customer service representatives within the company and the customers they service. This information is usually tailored specifically for known company service problems, and helps to avoid applying general customer service tips to situations that may not apply.


  • After a customer service representative finishes a phone call, they can ask the customer to fill out an online survey which allows them to rate the level of customer service they received. Usually the survey will take no more than five minutes and customers are often provided with a space for their comments. This is where customers can make suggestions for improvements. Representatives can use the feedback when they talk to customers in the future.


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