Eye Exercises to Help Improve Peripheral Vision

Eye Exercises to Help Improve Peripheral Vision
Eye Exercises to Help Improve Peripheral Vision (Image: dreamglow: Flickr.com)

Eye muscles get flaccid with lack of use, just like other body muscles. As we grow into adulthood, our eyes are trained to look straight ahead since we go through school reading books, blackboards and computers. Over time, our central retina becomes damaged from overuse and our peripheral vision grows weaker as we age until it may not work at all. Improve peripheral vision by strengthening your eyes with simple exercises.

Computer Exercise

While working at your computer, occasionally notice the areas surrounding your computer screen, such as the desk, wall or objects, while looking straight ahead. Wave your hands on either side of your face as you look at your computer screen and notice on your hands using your peripheral vision.

Partner Exercise

Sit looking forward while someone standing behind you moves his hand to one of your sides. Use your peripheral vision, and when the hand comes close into your vision, grab it. Have him do this several times while alternating sides.

Walk Without Glasses

Take walks without using your glasses. Glasses tend to take our attention away from much of our peripheral vision, and going without them forces us to use it more. Notice how things look different and how things to the right and left are now more prominent.

Orgone Focus

While sitting outside, look toward a cloudless sky. Use your peripheral vision and notice little transparent particles circulating, much like electrons are believed to circulate around the nucleus of atoms. These are called orgone particles. Pay attention to the particles, using only your peripheral vision, drawing your focus toward the center of your brain to where your pineal gland is located. Notice that as you do this the particles become shimmery like little computer chips. Once you lose focus and have to start over, they resume their transparency.


This exercise helps improve the effects of all other exercises. You should perform it with glasses or contacts removed. It's best to do while sitting at a desk or table that supports your elbows. Rub your palms together to warm them, and relax your shoulders. Resting your elbows on the support in front of you, place your palms over your eyes without touching your eyelids. Imagine a world of blackness. You see colors floating on the blackness, but they subside as your optic nerve relaxes. Stay like this for fifteen minutes.

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