Wool Vs. Polar Fleece


Wool a warm versatile fabric compared with Polar Fleece a warm soft fabric. Both fabrics keep you warm and dry. Polar Fleece is the newer and easier to care for fabric. Both fabrics have many uses. More items are made out of wool.


  • Polar Fleece was developed and originally made by Malden Mills Industries, Inc. Created in 2007 Polartec, LCC acquired the assets of Malden Mills in order to continue fabric innovation. Polar Fleece is a soft, fuzzy, 100-percent polyester fabric.

    Wool has been around since sheep and goats were domesticated in prehistory. The American Sheep Industry Association was founded in 1865 to bring the wool industry into the forefront of U.S. markets.

    The Make It with Wool Contest is sponsored by the American Sheep Industry Association. One of the objectives of the contest is to promote the beauty and versatility of wool fabrics and yarn.


  • According to the book "Mountaineering, The Freedom of the Hills," wool retains insulating qualities when wet.

    According to Claire Shaeffer in her book "Sew Any Fabric," fleece is a double-napped knit fabric that is comfortable to wear, durable, hypoallergenic and odor resistant. Fleece does not fray. Fleece retains its insulating properties when wet.


  • Wool comes in woolen and worsted forms. Woolen wool fabric types include melton, flannel and tweed. Woolen yarns are short fibers which have been loosely spun. Woolen fabrics are soft with rough texture. Worsted wool fabric types include gabardine, men's suiting fabric and serge. Worsted yarns are carded and combed to make then strong and smooth. Worsted wools make tailored garments.

    Fleece comes in several weights; the heavier the weight the warmer the fabric.


  • According to the Make It with Wool competition instructions you can be certain that your fabric is 100 percent wool by taking a one-inch square piece of fabric and placing it in one cup of bleach. Wool will begin to disintegrate in one hour. In several hours 100-percent wool will have no residual threads. Wool blends will have fibers remaining.

Care of Fabric

  • Steam or dry clean wool. Wash polar fleece on warm and tumble dry low. Wool presses beautifully. Do not iron polar fleece, it will melt.

Uses of Fabric

  • Wool is made into blankets, pillows, rugs, pajamas, bathrobes, hats, coats, suits, tailored jackets, pants, dresses and skirts.

    Polar Fleece is made into blankets, pillows, rugs, pajamas, bathrobes, hats, coats and jackets.

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