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Physical fitness is a very important aspect of good health. People who are physically fit are less likely to get ill and more likely to recover quickly from illness. If you love to run five miles a day or are fascinated by the inner workings of the human muscle system, consider a career in this expanding field.

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Physical education teachers work with students to help them improve their overall fitness. Gym teachers show students how to move their bodies and enjoy sports without injury. If you want to work as a physical education teacher, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree. You can major in physical fitness. Potential high school physical education teachers should also take undergraduate classes in education and complete teacher state licensing requirements. Many schools will not hire you unless you have teaching credentials.

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Coaches help amateur and professional athletes achieve their best physical performance possible. A coach may serve as a mentor, teacher and resource for any athlete. Coaches illustrate how to execute certain movements, work with athletes to perfect their technique and lead teams to victory. Coaches have a wide variety of differing backgrounds. Some people may come to coaching they have retired from high achievement in a particular sport. Others may major in physical fitness in college and then take employment in public and private schools.

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Personal trainers work with people to show them how to get physical fit. A personal trainer usually works one on one with someone. They may illustrate how to correctly lift weights, design an individual’s exercise routine and conduct classes in physical fitness awareness and technique. Most personal trainers have extensive firsthand knowledge how to build lean muscle mass and lose weight. A personal trainer is expected to be physically fit in order to illustrate this knowledge to clients. An ideal personal trainer should also have an excellent understanding of the human body and take classes in anatomy and physiology.

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Gym owners purchase and supervise private physical fitness facilities. A gym owner may own a single place or a chain of franchises. Gym owners hire employees, make sure all equipment is in good working order and help create adverting campaigns to attract new business.

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A dancer is a performer who creates images and evokes emotion via physical movement. Most dancers stick to a specific genre of dancing such as ballet or tap. Dancers must be light on their feet, have an understanding of music and be able to take direction from dance teachers and choreographers. Formal education is not necessary to become a dancer. Many dancers attend dance classes starting at a young age. Classes are designed to teach students how to control their movements as well as understand dance vocabulary such as French ballet terms.

Ballet dancers
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