Teacher Gag Gift Ideas


Gag gifts for teachers should be funny but never mean. Give your teacher something something that will puzzle him at first and then make him laugh. These gag ideas are inexpensive and easy to assemble. Show your teacher your sense of humor, and do it all in good fun.

Insect Termination Device

  • Give your teacher this bug squasher, and he will be confused and tickled. You will need two pieces of wood approximately five inches by three inches in size. Sand the pieces until they are smooth with fine-grit sandpaper so there are no sharp corners or splinters. Use a black permanent marker to write a large "A" on one block and a "B" on the other. Include a small slip of paper that says, "Instructions: Put the bug on block A. Then squash it with block B."

Gingerbread Students

  • Making gingerbread cookie students will give you a chance to poke fun at yourself and your fellow students. Bake or buy undecorated gingerbread men and a few different colors of icing. Decorate the cookies to represent yourself and a few of your friends in the class. Use recognizable features like hair color and glasses, but get silly with facial expressions. Before you wrap the cookies, take a small bite out of the head of the gingerbread cookie that represents you. Include a note that says to save this treat for a frustrating day.

Straw Hat

  • The do-it-yourself straw hat is a great gag gift for teachers who craft. You will need a large clear plastic zip-top bag and three handfulls of natural-colored raffia. Fill the bag loosely with the raffia and seal the top of the bag. Staple a 3 x 5 card to the top center of the plastic bag. At the top of the card, write: "STRAW HAT" in all capital letters, followed by a small asterisk. Then at the bottom of the card, draw another asterisk and in small letters write: "Some assembly required."

Dustpan Cookies

  • Dustpan cookies may gross your teacher out until she knows the secret. Buy a brand-new plastic dustpan and a bag of purple or blue cotton candy at your local grocer. Bake your tastiest homemade chocolate chip cookies and let them cool completely. Place the cookies carefully into the dustpan and add in some pinches of cotton candy dust bunnies. Deliver the cookies to the teacher with a story that you dropped the cookies by pulling them from the oven and quickly scooped them up in the dustpan. The teacher will be be delighted when they find out the cookies are in a brand-new pan and are safely edible.

Teacher Disguise

  • Provide your teacher with a gag gift she may actually have the chance to use. Visit your local dollar or costume store and pick up a few silly costume accessories. A wig, a pair of oversized glasses, a fake mustache or earrings, or even a pack of blank self-adhesive name tags are all good items to look for. Keep in mind the personality and style of your teacher and aim for something in stark contradiction. Then put your disguise in a large zip-top bag. Write directly on the bag in large capital letters: "TEACHER DISGUISE" and in small letters: "Perfect for hiding from students."

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