State of Alabama Child Support Guidelines


The Alabama Administrative Office of Courts web page displays all information and forms needed to apply for enforcement of child support, paternity and visitation. The web page displays two versions of Alabama Rule 32 Child Support Guidelines. The obligation to pay child support implies that the non-custodial parent will visit the children regularly.

The Facts

  • Alabama Rule 32 Child Support Guidelines establishes the typical amount of child support ordered for one to six children based on joint income. The web page of the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts displays the graduated amount of support that is usually ordered and establishes daycare rates by county. Rule 32 recognizes children's need for medical benefits and a reasonable deductible. Rule 32 exceptions to customary amounts of child support are joint custody, father's visitation, medical expenses and the expense of a child's college education.

Amount of Child Support

  • The amount of child support awarded is suggested in tables within Rule 32 Child Support Guidelines, but adjustments are made for joint custody, additional expenses for medical care or fees for private education paid by the non-custodial parent.

    The award of child support based on joint income includes an adjustment for daycare by county provided by tables in Rule 32 and includes medical benefits and a reasonable deductible for medical expenses.


  • Visitation provides the noncustodial parent access to the children and facilitates development of parenting plans in the best interest of the child. All forms necessary to establish paternity with information and even a testimony form are available on the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts web site. Visitation usually includes summer vacation.

Enforcement of Support

  • The Alabama Administrative Office of Courts web site provides a one-page information sheet with two pages of instructions to help the court locate non-custodial parents. The controlling order is determined by the Alabama Court easily and quickly with the appropriate form from its web page. Rule 32 requires a review of the child support payment amount every four years to make sure that the payments are current and adequate in the best interest of each child.

Payment Processing Procedure

  • All Alabama court-ordered child support payments are withheld from income and centrally processed through the Alabama Child Support Payment Center (ACSPC). All payees, employers and recipients of support are required to understand how payments are processed. The ACSPC forwards all payments to the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) within 24 hours. DHR transmits the payments to the Alabama Central Disbursement Division (ACDD), where child support payments are delivered by check, direct deposit or debit card. Automated payment information is available 24 hours each day.


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