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Nike is a leading manufacturer of sports-related products, including shoes, apparel and equipment. Many people from all over the world are familiar with the brand, as it has a global presence that earns more than $18 billion in revenue. The Nike logo has become a popular global icon. Nike also partners with sports stars to further promote the brand.


  • Shoes are Nike's flagship product. The company manufactures different shoes for a wide variety of sports, such as basketball, football, golf, soccer, baseball, snowboarding, hockey, tennis and volleyball. It also makes consumer fashion shoes such as Mary Janes and flip-flops. Nike shoes are designed for efficient sports performance as well as for aesthetics.


  • Nike also produces apparel for sports activities, as well as other activities including dance and yoga. It features different collections for its apparel, including Livestrong, Nike Pro, Nike Free and SPARQ. In addition, Nike makes casual clothes for men and women. Many consumers wear Nike clothes not just for sports activities but also for brand status.


  • Aside from shoes, Nike also sells sports equipment, such as baseball bats, balls, swimming caps, rackets and golf clubs. Nike also sells gloves and yoga mats, as well as agility cones. Other sports equipment it sells includes weights and sports guards such as knee pads, wrap sleeves and shin guards.


  • The company is also well-known for accessories such as watches, bags and socks, as well as consumer technology such as the Nike+ supplement for the iPod. Nike also sells rubber bracelets, training DVDs and athletic belts. Many of the bags it sells feature a particular team such as Manchester United or a university such as UCLA.


  • Nike products are sold in a variety of stores worldwide. Nike products can be bought online through the company's website, Many department stores also carry Nike products. Niketown is Nike's leading store with branches in cities such as Chicago; Portland, Oregon; New York; and Los Angeles. There are also Nike factory outlets that sell Nike products at a discounted price.


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