Benefits of Lemon Green Tea


Lemon green tea is a type of drink that combines the comfort of sipping green tea with the refreshing, citrus aroma and flavor of lemon. Not only does this combination have a lot of health benefits, the drink also looks aesthetically appealing due to the bright color of the lemon in contrast with the subtle color of green tea. Green tea and lemon are known to be medicinal, and combining the two further compounds their benefits.


  • Green tea has antioxidant properties, which absorbs free radicals in your body. The type of antioxidant found in green tea is polyphenol. Green tea can also aid in digestion, and it has astringent properties that help cleanse the body. Lemon is also rich in antioxidants, including flavonoids, which have been shown to aid in the prevention of cancer.

Vitamin C

  • Lemon juice is rich in ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid has cleansing properties, which is beneficial to the body. Vitamin C also has been shown to slow down symptoms of arthritis. In addition, this vitamin also strengthens the immune system, protecting you from common illnesses such as colds and flu. Lemon juice can also act as a stimulant that can help increase your energy level.


  • Adding lemon to green tea may boost its antioxidant properties, since lemon and green tea antioxidants complement each other. Lemon may also increase the health benefits found in green tea. A recent study at Purdue University stated that adding ascorbic acid can help the body absorb healthy compounds such as catechins, which are found in tea.


  • Lemon green tea may be available in the form of tea bags sold at grocery stores or loose leaf sold in tin cans at health food stores. Ready-made drinks of lemon green tea are also available, as well as instant powder to make cold lemon green tea.


  • You may also make your own hot lemon green tea by brewing green tea and squeezing one-quarter of a lemon. It is also possible to make iced green tea with lemon for a refreshing morning drink. To do this, brew a bag of green tea and add ice. You may use lemon as a garnish by cutting lemon into wedges or thin round slices and dropping them to the pitcher of green tea.

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