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Almost all homeowners with a yard own a trimmer of some sort. The trimmers allow you to cut unwanted weeds from around the edge of the house, flowerbeds and around trees without harming your plants. A trimmer is used anywhere that a riding lawnmower or a push mower cannot access because of size constraints or areas that are too steep or hilly to mow.


  • An electric trimmer has to be plugged in to an extension cord. If you have a very large yard, you will need several long extension cords to reach all the areas that need attention. With the addition of more cords or extra long cords, it makes an electric trimmer more cumbersome because you are pulling the weight of the cords with you as you move. When using an electric trimmer, you have to take great care not to accidentally cut your power cord. A gas trimmer has a gasoline-fueled engine, so it uses no electrical cords; but it does have to be refilled with a gas and oil mixture.


  • This comparison on gas and electric trimmers uses the least expensive models of each in the Weed Eater line. There is not a great deal of difference in size between the two models. The gas model TE475Y has a longer shaft of 56 inches and is 15.5 inches wide and 11 inches deep. The electric model RTE115C is 53 inches tall and 13 inches wide by 15 inches deep.


  • The weight of the gas trimmer and electric trimmer is 10 pounds and 7 1/3 pounds respectively. Keep in mind that this weight is the trimmer only and does not take into consideration that the gas model will be heavier when the fuel tank is full and this will add ten ounces of weight to its total. This does not seem like a large difference in weight, but the longer you use a trimmer, the heavier it seems to become because of the strain on your muscles.


  • Electric trimmers that are comparable to their electric counterparts in all options are generally 50 percent lower in price. An electric motor is less expensive to manufacture and this savings is trickled down to the consumer.


  • The main considerations in deciding on a gasoline or electric trimmer are the weight of the gas trimmer and the inconvenience of the cord on the electric trimmer. Both of these items are also based on the consumer's size yard and physical condition. Elderly homeowners with smaller yards prefer the electric trimmer due to its lighter weight. Homeowners with large yards tend to choose the gas trimmer so they do not have the cumbersome electric cords to deal with. When choosing a new trimmer, it is advisable to actually pick it up and hold it to see if the height is comfortable for you.

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